How to go about choosing a new computer in 2020

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# How to go about choosing a new computer in 2020


When you are in the market for purchasing a new computer, whether it be a laptop or desktop, here are some things you need to make sure the system has to ensure the speed and functionality doesn’t disappoint you.  Not all computers are the same.

* Processor speed –  You can’t go wrong with 2.0 ghz or higher. Now we’re not talking turbo-boosting. Your machine should start at 2.0ghz

* Ram  – While Microsoft says 4gb is enough for word processing, the truth is, people leave multiple programs running in the background.  Programs like browsers, email clients, and a music client like Spotify running in the background uses memory. We suggest you get a machine with 16gbs.

* If speed and performance is the name of the game, getting a machine with a solid-state drive is the way to go. With the majority of our work now in the cloud, you don’t have to purchase 1tb SSD to store documents on your computer.

If you would like Megabite to recommend a laptop or desktop visit our Tech Advice page,  we have listed computers that we recommend.


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