How to Keep Facebook From Tracking Your Every Move

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How to Keep Facebook From Tracking Your Every Move

Stop Facebook Tracking

These days everyone is trying to find out what sites you are spending your precious time on.  Why, you ask? It’s simple, they want to find out about your habits so they can market to you more. Do you realize that Facebook has included trackers secretly built into websites or geo-locators that determine from which place the site was accessed?  Pretty scary if you ask me. Not only do they know what you like, but they also know where you are. It’s kind of like an online stacker waiting to pounce on their pray and bombard them with unwanted advertisements.


This is why it is extremely important that you prevent being constantly monitored by Facebook. The solution is pretty simple, make sure your settings in Facebook are set properly and use an identity-masking software such as a VPN.


Settings, Browsers and More

Make sure you have your Facebook profile set to private. In doing so makes it virtually impossible for unwanted people to acquire your information without sending a friend request. However, not only users can be dangerous, but the social media site itself as well. Therefore, in order to stay under the radars of Facebook, you might want to keep on reading.


Make sure you are using a secure browser Chrome, one of the most popular browsers might seem like a good solution, but remember: it is Google’s product. Considering this, Firefox is actually a better choice, since its open source software prevents any developers, including Mozilla itself, from installing hidden trackers. Another fine choice is the underdog Opera, as it features an embedded VPN (Opera’s SurfEasy) that can be easily turned on from the browser’s settings without requiring any further software installation.


You might want to consider purchasing Cyberghost, or another VPN Software  Having a VPN set up renders you anonymous online. Thus, whatever you do on the world wide web will remain a mystery to your Internet Service Provider, the government, hackers, snoopy neighbors or whoever else is interested in your online activity.


However, regardless of your choice, make sure to set the browser’s settings to automatically delete all your browsing history, cookies, login details etc. when you close your browser. Aside from that, one of the best ways to avoid being spied on by Facebook is avoiding surfing online while having your profile open. This is especially important since not only Facebook can see what pages you visit, how long you spend on each site and what you searched for, but they can use that information to bombard you with target ads.


Our goal is keeping you safe online.


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