How to Protect Your laptop in a Hot Vehicle

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How to Protect Your laptop in a Hot Vehicle

Laptops can be damaged by excessive heat, especially in a hot vehicle. However, if you must leave your laptop in your vehicle, try to make the length you leave it while you run errands or in between meetings as short as possible. Laptops are delicate and sensitive equipment and can last a long time as long as you take care of them. Below are some tips to keep them from overheating in a vehicle.

1. Make sure you shut down the laptop. Do Not leave it in power-saving mode. You want to avoid creating any more heat than is already in the vehicle. Excessive heat can burn out the motherboard and hard disks. Also, you need to wait for the laptop to cool down after shutting it down before you leave it in a hot vehicle.

2. Keep the laptop out of direct sunlight. Cover it with a white towel, or something bright in color, to reflect sunlight and create a buffer between it and the heat in the vehicle. Avoid covering it with anything dark in color. Dark colors absorb heat which causes temperatures to rise.

3. If at all possible, avoid leaving any electronics in a hot vehicle. Temperatures can rise as high as 129 degrees if it is only 95 degrees outside.

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