How to report an imposter Facebook account

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How to report an imposter Facebook accountFaceBook


Have you come across a Facebook imposter account but have no idea how to report it? Is someone impersonating you, your business, or a friend?  If so you need to report this activity to Facebook immediately.

How can you tell if an account is an imposter account?  

  1. Someone sends you a friend request and you are already friends with them.
  2. Someone tells you that they received a friends request from you and they are already friends with you.

If you know of any imposter accounts simply visit  and follow the online instructions.

Keeping Facebook safe and imposter free is our duty in the Social Media Society.  Don’t ignore these accounts, unfortunately, there are people in the world that use these imposter accounts for hacking and other nefarious acts. 

Here is a good video explaining how to report an imposter facebook account.


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