How to Secure Your Android Phone

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How to Secure Your Android Phone

Only buy the ones that release patches

LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Samsung. Samsung is the worst about updates

Lock your phone

Use a 6 pin passcode.  More secure than patterns, voice-recognition, iris scanning and fingerprints

Use Two-factor authentication

Stay safe online and always use two-factor authentication. Here is an article we wrote about two-factor authentication

Only use apps from the google play store

The vast majority of Android malware comes from apps not gotten from the google play store

Use a Virtual Private Network

When using a public network it’s safer that way

Use a password manager

When comes to passwords you have options. 1 is to use the same passwords for everything, bad idea.

  1. Create original passwords for each account and store them on paper
  1. You can try to memorize all your custom passwords, but you will probably forget a few.
  1. Do the sensible thing and use a password manager

Use anti-virus software

The best mobile anti-virus is Avast

Turn off connections

When you not using Bluetooth or WIFI turn them off. It saves battery life and reduces ways for criminals to access your phone.

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