How to Set Up Multiroom Music With Amazon Echo Speakers

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A single Amazon speaker is great, so a connected collection of them would be incredible. Have you always wanted to play your music on all your speakers simultaneously? The multiroom music option on the Amazon app lets you do just that. Follow these steps to set it up with your Amazon Echo speakers.

How to Set Up Multiroom Music

Over 68% of people with smart speakers use an Amazon Echo, but many need to find out how the multiroom music function works. It can connect with many platforms and even specific other speakers, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you begin.

As long as your internet connection is strong, you can have as many devices as you’d like playing throughout your house. It’s important to note you’ll need an Amazon plan to have different speaker groups playing at once. You’ll also need an Amazon account to log into the app and set everything up.

1. Connect Everything to Wi-Fi
Your devices will only appear when you go to pair them if they’re on your Wi-Fi network. Save time by ensuring they’re all powered on and connected before you do anything else. It’s also helpful to check your internet speed= to see how many speakers can play audio simultaneously.

2. Download and Open the Alexa App
The Amazon Alexa app initially pairs the devices and lets you edit, remove or troubleshoot your multiroom speaker setup whenever you want. Download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and open it to get started.

3. Select “Devices”
The app’s main page features a small bar on the bottom with a few options. Click the “Devices” icon at the bottom right to bring up a pop-up menu.

4. Choose “Combine Speakers”
Choose the “Combine Speakers” option in the pop-up menu at the bottom. You’ll have two other choices you can return to later if you want to add devices or another speaker group.

5. Select “Multi-Room Music”
After clicking “Combine Speakers,” you’ll see three large tiles. Choose the “Multi-Room Music” option to combine your speakers and play music throughout your house at once.

6. Pick Which Speakers to Connect
You’ll have to pick two or more speakers from the list it gives you to continue. Ensure everything you want to use is connected to the Wi-Fi if you have trouble seeing your options.

7. Name the Group
You can enter whatever name you’d like for your group after you choose which devices to connect. It’s helpful if you plan on making multiple speaker groups so you know which ones you’re selecting. For example, you could name one group “whole house” and the other “kitchen
and living room” to differentiate them. Go back to the app anytime to add or remove speakers. You can also edit their names, add new ones or even delete them entirely from the app. Multiple groups can play at once, so your internet speed is the only limit if numerous people in the house want to play music at once.

 Play Your Music
After you set everything up, all you need to do to play music is speak a few words. You’ll instruct Alexa to “play,” followed by the genre or artist and your group. For example, you’d say, “Alexa, play blues in the kitchen and living room.” This might be slightly different if you change the waking word for Alexa.

Benefits of Amazon Speakers
There are plenty of benefits to using Amazon speakers, especially when you want multiroom music. They’re easy to use and produce high-quality sound, among other things.

Amazon Echo Speakers outperform others because:
● They’re cheaper than the alternatives: Filling your house with connected speakers is typically very expensive, but Amazon devices are incredibly affordable. Factoring in their response, search and purchase functions, they are more valuable than alternatives.

Their voice control is easy to use: People are more likely to use voice search than ever before, so the capability to ask your speaker a question is super helpful. Plus, you only have to say a few words wherever you are in your house to get every speaker to turn on at once when you use multiroom music.

The connected app makes controlling your setup simple: You can change or add things wherever you are with the Amazon app. Plus, it troubleshoots any issues that might come up so you can save time.

They can connect to multiple audio streaming platforms: Traditional or even other smart speakers have limited audio capabilities, but the Echo connects to a wide range of media, including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music and more

Amazon speakers are potent devices. They combine artificial intelligence and connectivity with other Amazon services to simplify everyday tasks. Plus, Alexa has gained an impressive 100,000 unique skills since its launch, starting with only 130. You can give various commands and receive relevant and quick responses.

They also let you select genres or artists from your favorite platforms with just a few words, so it’s an impressive choice if you listen to music often or want an easy way to play something when you have guests over. The multiroom function is excellent for full, rich sound throughout your home.

Enjoy Your Music 
Setting up your multiroom music groups is relatively simple and quick, as it only takes a few buttons and a Wi-Fi connection. You can start using them throughout your home to enjoy whatever music you like just by saying the word “Alexa.”

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