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How to Use PDFs

December 10, 2020 2:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

How to Use PDFs


PDFs are a vital part of workflows. When PDFs first started out, it wasn’t really clear what it was going to be in the digital document format arena. There were competing formats available, but Adobe was the pioneer when they first came out with the Portable Document Format.


PDF has just really become a format that people can depend on for short-term and long-term shelf life. The goal of the PDF is to create a digital format. We have paper documents that we can write on or make notes, and PDF is the digital side of that. And, what a fabulous way to get rid of the paper in our lives.

Apple really helped with the push of PDFs when they developed their iOS 10. The Company made it extremely easy to maneuver, work with, view, and create PDFs. Apple had a lot to do with how popular PDFs have become.

You can turn anything into a PDF, and they are amazingly easy to edit.

How would you like to get rid of all those documents that come in your mail-in paper form? You can! Just turn them into digital documents. There are multiple ways to do this. First of all, get yourself a document scanner. Document scanners are designed to be very fast. They can do multiple pages and can even do multiple sites at a time. It is easy to see why it is a good investment if you have a lot of paper documents coming into your lives.

Another option is to scan using your iPhone. There are a bunch of apps that can do this. iPhone will open PDF files in Safari, Chrome, or your Mail app. Can save to iBooks app. What this means is that you can view them at any time – anywhere.

10 Best Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad 

According to Fossbytes, the 10 best reader apps for your iPhone and iPad are listed out below so you can review them at your leisure.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader
* Foxit PDF Reader
* Documents By Readdle
* iBooks
* PDFElement
* PDF Reader – Document Expert
* Google Play Books
* Xodo PDF Pro
* KyBook 2 Ebook Reader

Stop Killing Trees 

With PDFs, you can save who knows how many trees. You can convert a lot of the documents you have over to PDFs, whether it be digitizing the paper you have or just not having the paper come into your lives at all.

Create and Manage PDFs in Apple Books 

Apple Books is one of the most versatile applications you can use to save or import PDFs, view, edit, or put your very own signature on them or share your portable document formatted documents. You can do all this through your Apple Books Library.

Limitations Anyone?? 

Let it not be said that PDFs are not wonderful. Overall, they are exceptional…not only for personal use but also for business use. PDFs provide security, flexibility, quality, pleasing appearance, and best of all, value for you.

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