How to Use Physical Security Keys for Apple ID

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Written by Zachary Amos

In today’s digital world, where cybercrime is rampant, it’s become increasingly vital to secure your personal information and sensitive data. The latest security measures have Fortunately enabled a better-protected network. However, users can do more to protect themselves from hackers. You might want to include physical security keys for Apple ID to safeguard your Apple devices, For instance.

What are physical security keys and how do they work? The following article will explain how to install them on your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Implementing a Physical Security Key
Introducing the physical security key for Apple ID as part of your multi-factor authentication is recommended to ensure your Apple products are secure from hackers. Depending on the type of device, the physical security key will connect using a USB-A, USB-C, lightning cable or
near-field communication. Here’s how to implement it on your devices.

Security Keys for Mac
The following steps will help you set up physical security keys on your Mac computer or laptop.

1. Choose System Settings from the Apple menu and select your name.
2. Click on Password & Security.
3. Click on Add next to Security Keys. The device will give you instructions on how to add
the keys.

You’ll be allowed to review the devices under your Apple ID with the option to stay signed into all of them or select which ones you no longer want access to your account. Repeat the above steps if you no longer wish to use security keys.

When you click on Security Keys, you can click Remove All Security Keys. Your Apple ID will return to using the six-digit verification code as part of your two-factor authentication.

Security Keys for iPhone or iPad
Setting up security keys on your iPhone or iPad is just as simple.
1. Open Settings on your device.
2. Tap your name, followed by Password & Security.
3. Like on Mac, hit Add Security Keys and follow the instructions.
4. Look over the other devices under your Apple ID and select which ones you want to stay signed into.

Removing the security keys from your iPhone or iPad is done the same way as on a Mac — by going through the steps and tapping Remove All Security Keys.

What Is a Physical Security Key for Apple ID?
During a White House press briefing on September 2021, Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies Anne Neuberger made an incredible statement — 80% to 90% of cyberattacks are preventable with multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication — using two or more verification forms — isn’t a new type of security check. In fact, more technology users and organizations have implemented it to secure devices amid rising data breaches and cybercrimes.

You might use a combination of these standard verification methods for multi-factor authentication:
● SMS or a one-time password sent to your mobile phone
● Fingerprint scan
● Passphrase or numerical passcode
● QR code
● Digital certificates
● Hardware token

Physical security keys for Apple ID are an example of hardware tokens — a key fob with numbers that change every 30 to 60 seconds through a USB connection. These physical keys resemble a thumb drive and are a unique identifier for Apple users, adding an extra security layer to your device.

Why Use a Physical Security Key
While Apple products are notorious for their high level of security, they’re not impenetrable. In 2021, it was discovered that two Israeli cyber firms successfully breached iPhone customers by creating fake Apple credentials and deploying ForcedEntry — a highly sophisticated hacking
method enabling them to surveil attack victims.

With such a widespread breach, it’s evident that cybercrime is increasing, particularly as
hackers become more adept at software penetration. One report stated ransomware attacks occurred 41% more in one year, costing companies nearly $4.54 million per attack. Meanwhile, 1,802 data breaches affected 422 million Americans in 2022, exposing, leaking, and stealing
sensitive information.

The primary reason you should consider using physical security keys for Apple ID is to protect your systems. Someone must have your physical security key to break into your account. While no preventative measures are entirely infallible, your chances of getting hacked while using
hardware tokens significantly decrease.

Secure Your Device With Physical Security Keys for Apple ID
Protecting your Apple devices with physical security keys is more important than ever. To avoid becoming a victim of a hacker attack or other volatile cybercrime, using unique software protections delivers the best security.

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