How To Write An Effective Email

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How to write an effective email

How to write an effective email

Here are some tips on how to write an effective email that people will read. No one likes getting emails that ramble on just to find the true message at the bottom; it simply wastes their time.

Inform, don’t overload

Keep Emails short and sweet:  Send only emails to people if they really need to know certain information.  If you are constantly sending them emails that don’t pertain to them, they will start trashing your emails before they even open them.

Use a descriptive subject line

Always use a subject line that is descriptive and explains what the email is about. The subject line always appears next to the sender’s name in the inbox.  Creating a good subject line is paramount in getting emails read first.

Keep emails professional and avoid humor and sarcasm

The written word is wonderful. However, with the written word it is hard to read emotion and what the writer is trying to convey.  Humor attempts are not likely to come off the way you intended it and possibly will be taken wrong, and your sarcasm will only annoy people.

Control your temper

Never write an email when you’re angry. One touch of a send button, and your “hateful message” is recorded in history, and there is no possible way to get an email back after it is sent. There have been plenty of angry emails sent and 30 minutes later the sender always regrets the message they sent.  Take time to breathe, rationalize, then write the email in a calm, clear message.

Never use All Caps when writing an email- All caps is interpreted as yelling.

Using these tips will help ensure your emails are welcomed and read first.

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