Ignoring The Rule of 321? Reconsider

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Ignoring The Rule of 321? Reconsider

If the thought of losing documents, pictures, or other data you might have on your computer make you cringe and you’re not using The Rule of 321, you need to reconsider.

You want your data in numerous places, not at the same location. What happens if your computer crashes, or another Irma, or Harvey decide to come crashing ashore causing havoc?

Three Spots and No Worry

Keep your original files on your computer, and have two back-ups that you can update regularly. Using an online backup solution is a great way to keep your data updated and secure. But that still isn’t enough. You need to have one high-capacity flash drive or one external hard drive that you can backup your files anytime. Then if your computer crashes or a disaster occurs, you can quickly take your backup files with you, and hopefully, you will have time to grab your computer also. Store those backups in different locations, potentially, one in a fireproof safe if you have it available.

Backup, Backup, Backup

At Megabite—we do everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of our data. We use cloud-based services, flash drives, and external hard drives. You can never be too careful.

• Cloud-based Services: There are plenty out there, make sure you read the fine print and find out how much data you can store on their servers. We recommend iDrive. www.idrive.com.

• Fireproof Safe: House fires happen all the time. Nobody anticipates them, but you can ready yourself for the unexpected. Before purchasing a portable fireproof safe check the fire rating. If you go for a larger floor safe, fireproof ratings on those bad boys can most definitely outlast a house fire, just pay attention to the ratings.

• Locations: You need to have backups in different locations. A cloud service is offsite; you could even put a flash drive in a bank security box. Then, if something was to happen such as a hurricane, fire or flood and everything you owned was destroyed at least you could rest knowing all your important files were safe somewhere. You can rebuild your homes; you can’t recover lost data.

If you backup your data tell us what works for you. Are you utilizing cloud-based services as a last-ditch effort backup, or storing a backup in a secured location? What makes you feel safe about securing your data?

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