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iMessage Versus Non-iMessage

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Tiny blue and green bubbles swimming before your eyes, what do they mean? Is it party time? No, those bubbles have special meaning if you have an iPhone. There is so much that your iOS has to offer. For example, you can tell if you have received an iMessage versus a non-iMessage.

What Is an iMessage

You are not seeing things. iPhone messages can have blue bubbles and green bubbles, and even both, depending on whether you are sending an iMessage or SMS. Speaking of iMessage, do you know what iMessage is? I will give you a short explanation here.

According to my Apple iPhone under Settings / Messages / iMessage, iMessages can be sent between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

As we continue with an explanation of Apple’s iMessage service, enjoy sending messages over Wi-Fi or cellular connection to other iOS devices. You can use iMessage to connect with other iOS devices with iOS 5.0 or later, iPadOS devices, Macs, and Apple Watches.

Oh, do not worry; the messages won’t count against your messaging plan. But do you know what’s even better? You can send photos, videos, and additional attachments through iMessage. In addition, you can also use Memoji (your own custom avatar).

Any mobile phone can send text messages. Also known as Short Message Service (SMS), Apple has its proprietary messaging service for its Apple customers. That’s right; it’s called iMessage.

What Is non-iMessaging?

Non-iMessage is the ability to send your texts using a cellular network (yes, you can use a prepaid or subscription plan). According to, “you can send a message to any person that does not have an iOS device as long as you have a SIM card that joins your phone to a carrier’s text messaging plan.”

Why Do You Want to Use iMessage?

Several reasons make this app fun and a good value. Overall, text messaging has a range of 70-160 characters. This depends on where you are located and your area. iMessage does not impose that limit, however.

A second reason to use iMessage is security. SMS or text messages are not encrypted. Your messages can be viewed by carriers or the government and intercepted by hackers. SMS can also leak metadata or general information about the text. In comparison, iMessages are protected with end-to-end encryption. Encryption makes sure that only the recipient of the iMessage can listen to or understand what was received.

The third benefit of using iMessage is it makes life exciting and fun. Remember the bubbles I mentioned in our opening paragraph? Do you enjoy a little bit of color in your life? If you see a green bubble when you get a message, SMS is used to send that message. On the other hand, Apple developed blue to be the color used to differentiate that iMessage sent the message.

What Can You Do With iMessage Bubbles?

Let me give you a short synopsis of examples.

* You can change the color of your bubbles.
* Choose between two categories which are bubble and screen effects.
* gives us four options for bubble, and these are amazing!

“Slam: Makes your text slam onto the screen, creating a 3D effect that shakes all the elements on the screen for a few seconds.
Loud: Makes the text bubble ripple and expand before returning to its normal size.
Gentle: A subtle effect that makes your message shrink to a smaller size momentarily, before reverting back to its normal size.
Invisible Ink: This bubble gives you a sense of excitement as it covers the message in the text bubble with a grainy blur. You need to tap or swipe across the message to reveal it.”

Isn’t this fun? Now let’s look at the list of screen effects that you can play with in iMessages versus non-iMessages.

“Echo: Floods the screen with duplicates of your message swirling around for a few seconds.
Spotlight: Highlights the message with a temporary spotlight and darkens the rest of the screen.
Balloons: Sends your message with a bunch of multicolored balloons.
Confetti: Sends your message with a burst of confetti that descends upon your screen.
Love: Adds a big, red, blow-up heart with your message written on it.
Lasers: Creates the effect that your message is shooting colorful lasers across the screen while playing a funky beat.
Fireworks: Makes your screen dark for a few seconds to display colorful fireworks accompanied by vibrations.
Celebration: This also turns your screen dark to display a cascade of gold sparkles.”


I love it when we can provide you with educational and fun solutions to everyday dilemmas. In this post, we looked at iMessages versus non-iMessages, a summary of each one, the benefits of iMessages over non-iMessages, and fun things you can do with bubbles in iMessages.

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