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Incognito Mode – 6 Reasons You Should Use It

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Ha! You can’t see me. I am incognito when I am browsing the Internet. What does that mean? Let’s explore the ins and outs of incognito and six reasons you should use it.

What Is Incognito

If you look at synonyms for incognito in the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, you will find the following synonyms for incognito:

** Anonymous
** Faceless
** Innominate
** Nameless
** Unbaptised
** Unchristened
** Unidentified
** Unnamed
** Untitled

For our purposes, the two best synonyms that we can use are ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Unidentified.” As Incognito Mode refers to the browsing experience on the Internet, this refers to a setting in Google Chrome (other browsers have a similar setting, only with a different name). Makeuseof.com explains that incognito mode “allows you to surf the internet “privately.” Incognito means that your browsing history, cookies, site data, and form formation are not saved to your device. In other words, you are anonymous or unidentified.

In addition to using encryption software, using incognito mode gives you another option to protect your privacy.

6 Reasons You Should Use Incognito Mode

So, what does incognito mode do? Incognito mode erases your browsing and searches history once you close incognito. Also erased are cookies you get while cruising the Internet. Your ISP may still be able to see everything you do, but you do not appear to those who dare to snoop around on your device.

First, the incognito mode is perfect for hiding potentially embarrassing browsing sessions. You know what I mean – like those websites you would not want your grandmother to see you on? In addition, let me give you six examples:

1. Buying gifts
2. Signing in to multiple email accounts
3. Watching YouTube – maketecheasier explains it this way. “One of the biggest problems with YouTube’s tracking and recommendation algorithm is that it can spam your home page with suggested videos. For example, let’s say that you get sucked into watching a conspiracy video. That one watch could result in videos about Bigfoot, UFOs, and QAnon flooding your YouTube account. To stop this from happening, simply visit YouTube Incognito. It won’t log you into YouTube, so the videos you watch won’t affect your account
4. Using public computers
5. Questionable Research (Why you should avoid COVID-19 vaccines comes to mind.
6. Booking air travel – Avast tells us that going incognito will lessen the chance of flight tickets and other high-value items increasing in price the more you search for them.

Reasons for NOT Using Incognito

Does incognito mode hide everything you do on the Internet? No. Per hotbot.com, there are two instances where you won’t be completely private. They are listed below.

1. Your IP address – Remember, your ISP can see you!
2. Your site data – Many users believe incognito prevents a website from collecting your data. However, the site still knows you’re there.


HotBot suggests using two alternatives to relying on incognito mode.

1. Tor: Tor is free software that allows users to increase their online anonymity. Its browser is heavily encrypted to keep prying eyes away. Tor is even more useful when paired with a VPN.
2. VPNs: A VPN, or virtual private network, is a tool that creates secure encryption between a user and a website. It prevents internet service providers and other third-parties from seeing and collecting your data.” Using a VPN is just one more tool you have to be safer online.

As you can tell, Megabite is concerned for your safety and privacy. Check out our latest blog post – Surefire Signs You Are Infected With Spyware, Malware, and Viruses.

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