Integrating the Highlight Method with Trello and Google Calendar

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Incorporating the Highlight Method from “Make Time” into your daily routine can be significantly enhanced with the use of tools like Trello and Google Calendar. These digital tools can streamline the process, making it easier to organize, track, and adapt your priorities. 

Using Trello for the Highlight Method 

Trello, a visual project management tool, is ideal for organizing and prioritizing your Highlights:

1. **Create a Trello Board for Highlights**: Set up a dedicated board for your daily Highlights. You can have columns such as ‘Potential Highlights’, ‘Today’s Highlight’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘Completed’. 

2. **List Potential Highlights **: In the ‘Potential Highlights’ column, add cards for tasks or activities you consider important. This serves as a brainstorming space for choosing your daily Highlight. 

3. **Select and Move Your Daily Highlight **: Each day, drag your chosen Highlight into the  ‘Today’s Highlight’ column. This act of moving the card can be a powerful ritual in committing to your focus for the day. 

4. **Break It Down **: If your Highlight is a larger task, break it down into smaller, actionable steps in the checklist feature within the card. This can help you track progress and stay on track. 

5. **Reflect and Adapt**: At the end of the day, move completed Highlights to the ‘Completed’ column and reflect on your progress. If a Highlight wasn’t completed, consider whether to move it to the next day or re-evaluate its importance. 

Utilizing Google Calendar with the Highlight Method

Google Calendar complements Trello by helping you allocate specific time slots for your Highlights: 

1. **Block Time for Your Highlight **: Once you’ve selected your Highlight in Trello, go to Google Calendar and block out a specific time for it. Treat this time block as a non-negotiable appointment with yourself. 

2. **Set Reminders **: Use Google Calendar’s reminder feature to notify you when it’s time to start on your Highlight. This helps in maintaining discipline and focus. 

3. **Visualize Your Day**: Google Calendar gives you a visual overview of your day, including your Highlight time block. This can help you see how your Highlight fits into your broader schedule and adjust as needed. 

4. **Flexibility for Adjustments**: If something urgent comes up, you can easily drag and adjust the time block for your Highlight, ensuring that it still gets the attention it deserves. 

5. **Recurring Highlights **: For ongoing priorities (like exercise or learning a new skill), you can set them as recurring events in Google Calendar. This ensures that they become a consistent part of your routine.


By combining the Highlight Method with Trello and Google Calendar, you create a powerful system for managing your time and priorities. Trello acts as a visual space for organizing and selecting your Highlights, while Google Calendar helps you integrate these priorities into your daily life. This synergy not only boosts productivity but also ensures that your most important tasks get the attention they deserve, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

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