introduction to concept of co-browsing

Introduction to the Concept of Co-Browsing

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I need to co-browse your webpage. You need to do what? That is right. There are a few errors on your web page that we can review simultaneously, discuss improvements required, and strategize a game plan of workable solutions – all while working together. And you do this by…

What Is Co-Browsing Summary

Co-browsing, alternatively called collaborative browsing, involves two people working closely together to solve issues or brainstorm potential resolutions. Another term for co-browsing is co-surfing software. This is an ideal solution for an IT support desk to help their customer out of a jam. There is no need to download software – they each see what the other person sees. Even more ideal is that the support technician can use their mouse to move around on their customer’s webpage. Being able to see what the technician is referring to visually increases the customer’s knowledge and understanding.

Who Is Upscope

We’ll discuss upscope shortly. First, however, I will share with you a video from the company that shows upscope in action.

Upscope Core Features

To begin, Upscope has three primary core features.

* Co-browsing and calling for guiding users happens through your app
* Screenshots of pages they visited before opening a live chat
* Secure co-browsing API for integrations

Co-browsing’s purpose is to provide live guidance to the customer. But as usually happens, customers will often ask a question on live chat. It is not unusual to see them back again in 15 minutes asking for clarification, so you need screenshots of what they did before they asked the question.

Screenshots can be a blessing. You can refer to them and sometimes answer their question without needing to co-browse. In conclusion, screenshots can be worth their weight in gold because they are helpful for every single interaction by giving perspective on the problem.

Upscope has grown through integrations with Intercom, LiveChatinc, and other live chat providers, as well as custom integrations via the API.

Not only is Upscope useful for having in-built browser-to-browser interactions, but it also works with your existing phone system.

Upscope Benefits

As a Small- to Medium-sized Business (SMB), Upscope changes your support area into a well-oiled ‘virtual machine.’ There are four trends that this company wants you to be aware of as it relates to your customers and agents.

* The speed of onboarding and support sessions can increase by as much as 30%.
* Businesses saw an overall resolution improvement rate of 19%.
* Future support calls can be reduced by as much as 10%.
* Technician agents can rejoice with an overall improvement in user satisfaction by 4.8.

Additional Benefits

Showing and telling is much more commonplace in the business workplace because it works. Working side-by-side with your customer provides them a sense of assurance that they would not have had with phone support. The concept of co-browsing is the tool that satisfies that assurance.

In addition, co-surfing software is beneficial to both your customers and your technicians. Memory recall becomes a bonus to their remembering how to do a task. Of course, there is the added benefit that there is no software for them to learn how to install.

Given the circumstances, the IT support technician comes out ahead also. Gone is the stress of explaining something only to confuse the customer more than when the user started. Customer relationships become more robust in a positive way, as well.

The Concept of Co-Browsing Will Increase

According to, “An overwhelming 85% of respondents in customer service studies found video chat helpful. 91% loved co-browsing.” Put another way, you need to ensure that your customers are happy when they disconnect with you. Give them an unsatisfactory experience, and what are they going to do? They will spread the word as to how badly their experience was – and they will be very vocal about it. Ten unhappy customers can be the downfall of your SMB. So, get with the act by utilizing the concept of co-browsing to your advantage.

To get you started, Upscope has a 14-day free trial so that you can try them out. The pricing tiers are Basic ($15 agent/month), Startup ($19.17 agent/month), and Business ($30 agent/month).

Let us coach you. For more information about our One-On-One classes, call us today at 904-430-0350.

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