Karen Moody

Executive Assistant

Karen is Megabite’s Executive Assistant, reporting to CEO Deryck Burnett. Karen is responsible for all phone correspondence, scheduling, customer relations, operations of Megabite’s website, Megabite’s remote support and administrative tasks.

Since joining Megabite in 2016, Karen has integrated online scheduling to Megabite’s website to create a seamless customer experience with the of goal coordinating one-on-one consultations and classes. Thanks to Karen, Megabite technicians can focus on delivering expert advice and support to clients onsite or at our office.

Karen joined Megabite after operating her own computer repair company in Austin, Arkansas, where she served as owner/office manager. She led the company by example providing computer repair, setting up in-home networks, training users in several different computer applications, consulting with businesses on their computer systems and applications, building and maintaining websites, and handling all invoices and payroll. Prior to owning her own company, she was a Senior Network Administrator at an Insurance company, where she supported and administered network expertise to 2400 end-users.

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