Keep Domain Names Separate from Your Web Host

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You probably don’t think much about it when you get your domain names and then choose your web host. But here is something to consider. You really do want to keep your domain names separate from your web host for several reasons.

Domain Names and Website Hosting

Why should you not keep domain names and your website hosting together. Is it not safe? Well, let’s think about what the two terms mean first.


To start with, your domain is the address for your website. The domain is the first step before you can have a website. For example, the Megabite domain is

You can think of your domain name as your home address. Where do you live? Well, it’s the same thought process with your domain name. Your domain name is your location for your website.

To take it another step, your domain needs to be registered with a domain registrar. The next step would be to look at web hosting.

Web Hosting

To begin, where are you going to store your website? That is going to be your web host. Your web host takes care of domain registration, website builders, email hosting, basic hardware and software, as well as other services.

But Wait!

You just said above that the web host can handle domain name registration. Why would I not want to use my host and keep everything neat and tidy? Besides, they know me and my needs.

Let’s look at it. Below are some reasons that you want to keep your domain names separate from your web host.

Hover itemizes the drawbacks. I’ll summarize here what they provide us.

• You could lose your domain if you want to change web hosts.
• You can lose flexibility with being able to choose from Top-Level Domains (TLDs).
• Data breach is a very real concern because you could lose your domain web hosting services for multiple reasons.

Now to clarify, is it absolute that you should keep your domain names in a different place than your host? No. Hover wrote this article back in 2016. Things are always subject to change. There are also pros for keeping them together.

The information for our pro section was pulled from WinningWP™.

Pros of Keeping Domain Names & Web Host Together

• The first thing we learn is that price can be more affordable – depending on the company you are dealing with.
• Convenience may sway you. You won’t have to go to one place for domain names and another place for hosting.
• Out of the two choices, the least likely that you are going to be unhappy with is your choice pertaining to domain names. Why? Simply, domain names are more regulated.


As always, we know that you are quite capable of choosing the best solution for your needs. But we will tell you that Megabite is here for you if you would like to bounce your questions or concerns off us.

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