Keeping Your iPhone Safe from Hackers

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Your iPhone is the lifeblood of your daily activities, do you agree? You make phone calls, monitor social media, send emails, and a whole lot more. So, it stands to reason that keeping your iPhone safe from hackers needs to be a number one priority for you. Let’s see how you can keep your iPhone safe.

Update Notifications

When was the last time you got a notification on your iPhone about a new update being available to install? What? You haven’t? If you don’t do regular updates, you are jeopardizing your iPhone safety. ZDNet says, “This is your primary line of defense against vulnerabilities.”

What you can do is turn on notifications for your phone. All you do is tap Settings > Notifications > Phone. Once there, you tap to allow notifications or not. To turn notifications on, tap the slider so it moves to the right and shows green. You will then know that notifications are on. You can also decide what sound you’d like played, where you would like alerts displayed when your iPhone is locked, and more.

Use a Strong Password

It is a good idea to keep your passwords safe. Gone are the days where you could create an easy password and memorize it so you could be using it over and over. Let me share some statistics with you just because of how people use weak passwords.

Hold on to your hats and prepare to be shocked.

According to Hosting Tribunal, below are just a few statistics they chose.

* 24% of people in the United States are creatures of habit and use passwords like “password,”Qwerty,” and “123456.”
* People don’t like to use different passwords for different accounts. It seems that 67% of Americans shy away from using different passwords for their various accounts.
* I read that more than 23 million people follow the practice of using the password “123456. Yikes!
* Compromised passwords are evident in more than 60% of breaches.

And these statistics are just this year!!!

Reboot Weekly

ZDNet mentioned in their post that “Most iPhone vulnerabilities rely on jailbreaking the iPhone. Do you know what jailbreaking is? Kaspersky defines jailbreaking as “the process of exploiting the flaws of a locked-down electronic device to install software other than what the manufacturer has made available for that device.”

Rebooting every week will ensure that you stop the jailbreaking cycle. Rebooting is good for two reasons – Not only does it act as a preventative against hackers who may install viruses and other security concerns, but it also speeds up your iPhone by clearing out the Remote Access Memory (RAM).

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