Laggy Scrolling in Word

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Laggy Scrolling in Word

Laggy scrolling in Word can be so frustrating!  Just what is laggy scrolling? It means that when you are working in Microsoft Office, your mouse scrolling is not smooth. Don’t despair though. There are a few settings you can adjust to fix the issue.

Just go to File – Options – Advanced – Display

– Then check “Disable hardware graphics acceleration. Click on the button for OK to save your setting.

Is it still slow? Just go back to File – Options – Advanced – Display.

Keep Disable hardware graphics acceleration checked. Now, here are two more tips that should improve that for you.

–  Uncheck “Update document content while dragging”

– The second step would be to uncheck “use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen.


Again, just make sure you click the OK button to save your settings.

Do you still find you are having trouble with laggy scrolling in Word? Here is one more tip that might help. You can also disable Add-ins from automatically starting to help reduce some of the resources Word uses. Here is how to do it.

This time, go to File – Options – Add-ins.

You will need to scroll down to see Manage:  COM Add-ins and be able to click on Go.

Depending on how many options you see in the window that appears, just make sure you uncheck those listed that you do not need. Then click on the OK button to save your settings.



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