Less Meeting Means More Time for You

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Meetings have become a common occurrence at the workplace. Less Meeting is a productivity tool that will allow you to manage planning, execution, and meeting follow-up. What this means is that you get more time.

Overall Background Information on Less Meeting

Brett Cooper is credited with being one of the founders of LessMeeting.com back in 2008. The privately-held company was already making waves in the software industry back in 2012 when they were one of the five best meeting minutes services as rated by Lifehacker. Now, Less Meeting brings an air of fresh air to conducting your meetings.

Less Meeting Frees Up Time

Take control over unwieldy agendas and endless discussions. Send out beautiful meeting notes to attendees immediately after the meeting. In addition, keep accountability on track for your team with a fully automated to-do system. Moreover, this powerful meeting productivity app has a wealth of features.

Less Meeting Features

According to LessMeeting.com, “Set agendas and simplify meeting minutes for an average of 18% less time spent in meetings. We are always looking for more time to enjoy life, right?

As revealed by otter.ai, there are multiple statistics that would just amaze you. For example, let me list a few below that you probably don’t know.

• First, a recent survey by prominent researchers from Harvard Business School discovered that employees have been attending more virtual meetings than in-person in 2020. And that is only the beginning. Let’s look at the second statistic that shows that meetings are a time sucker.
• It is estimated that roughly 11 million meetings are held each day. Each day!
• Another statistic reveals that approximately 55 million meetings are held each week.
• Now for the final statistic, I have seen that over 220 million meetings take place each year. Admittedly, COVID-19 is by far the greatest catalyst for all these meetings.

So, are you ready to see some of the features that this productivity tool has? Here we go.

Time Productivity Tool Features

To begin with, it presents a problem sometimes when you have a ton of things to do. Additionally, the colleagues are a challenge too. Users are twice as likely to get to-do’s done and on time with Less Meeting.

Next, follow-up is so much easier. Automated reminders allow users to assign and mark off action items so that you do not have to discover for yourself whether or not something is done.

Why stop here. Following the above two features is the below.

Save Time with Organized Agendas

Additional Productivity Features

Let’s call on the website’s own words on ways you can excel with organization.

• “Create agendas using our Outlook plugin, Google Apps, and iCal template that automatically syncs with Less Meeting.
• Everyone invited to the business get-together now knows EXACTLY what the get-together covers so they come prepared, stay on topic and leave on time.
• Act like a Pro. Brand your meeting minutes to include your company logo and colors. Clients will also know who sent the notes and appreciate the organization and ease of follow up.”

Finally, I have four more features to show you.

• Cohesive task sync
• Automatically sync tasks with your favorite to-do program. Or, create a task in Less Meeting & check off the task in your to-do app later.
• Work while traveling or in the conference room with the Company’s iPad and iPhone apps. No connection? No problem – sync when you are able to connect to the internet.
• State of the art security – the Less Meeting service is hosted at Microsoft’s universally available, scalable, redundant, and secure Azure Infrastructure. The top-level security compliance includes SAS 70 Type I and Type II attestations and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification.

Our Conclusion

Our conclusion on why LessMeeting.com means more time for you are multiple. In summary, they are robust, user friendly, have encrypted security, the company offers free mobile apps, just to name a few – and they are affordable.

LessMeeting.com has a 14-day free trial. When your trial ends, just choose a plan that meets your needs.

Overall, Megabite truly believes that Less Meeting means more time for you, without a doubt. If you have questions we can answer about this software or our other business services, contact us at 904-430-0350.

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