Mac Multiple Desktops

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Mac Multiple Desktops

Mac Multiple Desktop


If you open a lot of windows on your Mac, and in turn, can’t keep track of what’s what, or just want a larger workspace without shelling out the cash on large television/monitor combos, Mission Control has the feature you’ve been looking for.

Much like most of the hidden features on any phone or computer, you don’t realize how bad you need it until you discover it. It’s going to feel a bit foreign at first, but having multiple windows open on your Mac will definitely increase productivity. You’ll never be able to live without it again.


Mission Control is an awesome feature on any Mac. It works seamlessly with just about every application on your Mac, excluding very few. We’ll start by going to System Preferences, and then to Mission Control. Select the main options, and we’ll get going.

Click on the group windows by application button, it will ensure windows appear side-by-side in Mission Control.

Now you have enabled the multiple desktop feature, we’re going to go through every which way you can access the multiple desktops feature using the trackpad, and a few keys.

Accessing Your Multiple Desktops

Depending on how you’ve customized your trackpad features, you’ll need to use either three or four fingers. Simply swipe up with all of them touching the trackpad to access the multiple desktops feature.

Tap the F3 button on your Mac’s keyboard; it should bring you directly towards Mission Control. You can also use the Control key and Up on your directional keys at the same time, or simply click the Mission Control icon in the dock.

You’ve landed in Mission Control; you can see all of your currently open windows, making it simpler to hop back and forth between each one. Along the top of the page, you’ll see an option to select “Desktop 1” and “Desktop 2.” You’ve found it.

It’s simple to just drag your open, active windows to one of the two desktop tiles. Whatever you drop in there will be specific to that screen, like splitting work down the middle. What’s even cooler is the ability to add desktops 3, 4 and so on. When you want to hop between desktops, just go to Mission Control and click on whichever one you want to use. Another way to switch between desktops is to three-finger swipe to the left or right, additionally, use the Command key and either Left or Right on the directional keys, and you’re there.

Applications In Full Screen

You all know about the full-screen button at the top left of your screen. Every window has one. Your top bar will disappear, and the screen will enlarge to all corners: and you can use other programs in full-screen mode, too. Not just your desktops. Whilst in Mission Control, a full-screen application is added as its own desktop, making is accessible without repeatedly minimizing your window.


When used appropriately—and I know it’s going to feel awkward at first—you can really organize your thoughts and increase your workflow. Give it a try for a few days to get adjusted, and you’ll wonder how you didn’t know about this sooner.

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