How To Make Address Mailing Labels on Your PC

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How To Make Address Mailing Labels on Your PC 

With the Holidays just around the corner, we decided this would be a good time to explain how to make address labels on your PC.  Last week we explained how to make labels on a Mac. Why spend hours hand addressing Christmas card envelopes, when you can just print out labels?

First things First, gather everyone’s address you are going to mail cards to and decide on the type of label you want to use. Usually, Avery 5160 Address labels work the best.

On PC’s, in order to create labels you need to use Word, or a similar word processing program.  For this explanation, we are going to use Microsoft Word.  There are other ways to create mailing lists using Word and Excel, but we are going to show you how only using Word.

Getting Started

Open Word. All set to go? Good. Let’s click on Mailings on the tabs along the top of Word.

Then Click on labels.

Once you click on labels, a box will appear.  Make sure “Full page of the same label” is chosen.  Don’t let that confuse you.  Every label can have a different address. Click on New Document

Once you click on new document, a document with address sections will appear.  Simply type each address in a different section. 

Once completed, simply click on File, then Print.  Make sure your sheet of labels is in the printer before you hit the print button. That is all there is to printing address labels on a PC.

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