How To Make Mailing Address Labels on Your Mac

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How To Make Mailing Address Labels on Your Mac

With the Holidays just around the corner, we decided this would be a good time to explain how to make address labels on your Mac.  Why spend hours hand addressing Christmas cards envelopes, when you can just print out labels?

First things First, gather everyone’s address you are going to mail cards to, decide on the type of label you want to use. Usually, Avery 8160 Address labels work the best.

Opening Up Your Contacts

This is where your contact book comes in handy.  It’s important to properly set up your contacts information the first time; it will make the process much easier. If you haven’t properly put everyone’s contact information in, (this includes emails, phone numbers, etc.), you should go ahead and do that now. Once you’re all set to go, you’ll want to make a group.  Simply click on file and choose the second option named “new group” and give it an appropriate name, such as Christmas Card list.  Once you have named your group, go back to your contacts, then drag and drop the individuals you would like in the group.  Once you have everyone in the group hit command A and select all.  From here you are going to hit file and choose Print.

Setting Up To Print

Once your printer window opens up, select your contacts and choose mailing labels for the style. You will notice that Mac has the Avery 5161 address labels selected, simply click on the drop-down and select the 8160-address label.  Once you have done that all the margins for the address labels will be set up correctly.  All you need to do from here is hit print and watch the labels print.  It’s that easy.

For a step by step visual process visit Tech Talk America’s step by step tutorial on YouTube here.

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