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Make your iPhone More Secure – Part 2

January 11, 2022 9:14 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There is a lot more information that Megabite Computer Repair Fernandina Beach, FL, wants to share with you. As we indicated in, Make Your iPhone More Secure – Part 1, we have much more to share with you in Part 2. Are you ready to take a look at Make Your iPhone More Secure – Part 2?

The information below is just as important as the first set of tips we provided. The tips in this post are listed below. We will expand on each point as we go along.

Don’t give apps access to all your photos.

Your photos are your memories and can be very personal to you. You can designate who you want to share your photos with – or not share.

According to ZDNet, you have the authority to block access, give full access, or access to only the photos you want them to have.

Oh, what’s that? You changed your mind and want to change what you entered? Just head on over to Settings > Privacy > Photos. Change what you need to or update previously set up apps.

Stop iPhone Tracking When You are on Wi-Fi Networks.

Did you know your iPhone can create a fake MAC address to Wi-Fi routers? You are wise to protect your iPhone in every way possible, and this will allow you to be elusive when on network connections.

This feature is on by default. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and click on the “i” in a circle next to the network.

For example, ZDNet points out, “some smart networks are designed to send out a notification when a new device connects. Be aware, though, while this is an acceptable practice on many networks, it can create issues. It can also mess with parental controls or corporate/enterprise networks where permissions are assigned based on MAC address.

Experiencing issues does not mean that you can’t turn off the fake MAC feature.

Use Hardware Authentication.

The contributor for the post we are working on, Adrian Kingsley Hughes, recommends using hardware authentication – specifically Yubico’s Yubikey.

TechRadar did a review on the best security keys.

Install a Security App

Another way to keep your iPhone secure is by using a security app. To choose the best antivirus software for your iPhone, I went to CyberNews. Recently, they did a post on the best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad.

ZDNet chose iVerify.

Do You See Green/Orange Dots?

Do you see dots before your eyes at the top of your iPhone? You may see a green dot when an app is accessing your camera. If you are using the microphone, you will see an orange dot.

You can check what app is accessing either your camera or your mic. Go to the Control Center, where a notice will become visible at the top for the most recent app that used the camera or microphone if you have Access Within Apps turned on.

Use a VPN

If you use free Wi-Fi, do not neglect using a VPN.


In this post, we continued our review of how to make your iPhone More Secure – Part 1. Below is a list of what we covered.

* Stop being tracked on Wi-Fi networks
* Use Hardware Authentication
* Install a security app – Hmmm, see who ZDNet recommended
* What different-colored dots mean at the top of your screen
* Don’t neglect using a VPN

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