How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

At one point in time, we’ve all set up more than one Google Gmail account. Whether it be for personal, work or school use there are at least two profiles you need to have constant access to. The most aggravating thing is when you need to stay logged into one when you’re expecting an email for work, but you need to check your personal email as well. Let’s talk about that.


Setting Up Your Browser

Google gives us an awesome little feature that allows you to have more than one Gmail account open at a time, which makes life much easier when working with multiple Gmail accounts. Setting it us is easy. Simply open Google in your preferred browser—although Chrome is recommended—and sign into your Google Gmail account. Next, click on the drop-down arrow on the right side of your profile icon in the top right corner. (see the first red arrow)



Next, you’ll see a few options, but most notably, you want to look at “Add Account” in the bottom left corner of your dropdown list. This will bring you to a page where you’ll still be logged into your primary account, but you can now sign into your secondary account, and tack it onto your current session. This links these two accounts together until you delete your cookies.

Once setup, you can click and switch between Gmail inboxes. When you do, it will leave your current tab open, and create an entirely new one for the secondary email account. You can now write emails and check the inbox from two separate accounts. Just be certain to remember which account you’re using when making those replies.


This makes life so much easier than having to log out and log in to multiple Gmail accounts several times a day.  Be happy and work smarter I always say.

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