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Managing Hybrid Workforces with Robin

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When COVID-19 hit, traditional workplaces of going to the office were a thing of the past. Now that this virus has eased somewhat, companies are rethinking the “office.” Managing hybrid workforces with Robin Powered Inc. has taken on a new direction for making the workplace flexible.

Robin Powered Inc. explained.

According to their LinkedIn About page, we get a sense of just how people-conscious they are. Here is what they say. “Robin is the first workplace platform that puts people before places and is used by businesses of all sizes to successfully manage hybrid work. Robin empowers people to choose how and where they work while providing organizations with the tools and insights needed to succeed.”

Safely reopen and create a long-term, flexible strategy that’s right for your team. The software enables easy meeting room scheduling and desk booking. In addition, interactive maps, real-time workplace analytics, and more are available. When people return to the workplace, Robin dedicates their time to managing the return in a way that works for everyone. Companies use Robin’s workplace experience software to ensure that the reopening is done safely. Equally important is they want to preserve flexibility for everyone involved.

Who is Managing Hybrid Workplaces with Robin?

According to Robin Powered, companies like Hubspot, Peloton, and Twitter depend on Robin’s software. They are managing their hybrid workforces. How? They reduce friction among the personnel. This improves the employee experience.

The Office is Reborn

Overall, the office has changed and is still evolving. With Robin, the tools they developed provide the following benefits:

> Employees can instigate changes to current procedures by providing feedback.
> A company is enabled to coordinate in-office events with teams.
> Understanding of how things are being used is easily identified.

Office Pass Provides Employee Flexibility

Employees can manage with flexibility too. Let’s see how they can do this.

> Reserve their desk or meeting spaces.
> Get ready for hybrid meetings.
> Coordinate office days for collaboration.
> Sit where they want to work with ease.

Moreover, they handle all this with Office Pass.

Introduction to flexible pricing

The best way to manage the office while supporting hybrid work needs pricing to be adaptable. Robin offers three different plans – Basic, Pro, and Premier. You can schedule a demo for all three of them.

Basic is $1,500/year and Pro is $3,500/year. For the premier plan, Robin wants to discuss it with you. That way both of you can streamline your needs. Furthermore, each tier builds on the previous plan’s features.

Final words about managing hybrid workplaces

Robin Powered is just the solution you need for managing hybrid workforces. It’s flexible for companies and employees. From traditional to more flexible offices, Robin is adept at powering it all.

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