Markdown Language Explained

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Do you speak a foreign language? Maybe you speak French, Spanish, or Chinese, or some other language. Or, perhaps you use sign language. Today we discuss markdown language, what it is, and how to use it.

What Is Markdown Language

So, just what is markdown language? Out of all the research I have done, I like the way Mozilla explains it the best by explaining:

“A markup language is one that is designed for defining and presenting text. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is an example of a markup language.”

HTML is different than markdown. Using HTML is more difficult because of the tags that you use. For example, the opening tag does not have a slash; however, the closing tag does have one. If you use it, I suggest you do not give up on it, but you can make things so much faster when you use simple coding like markdown.

  • Presentational Markup – Presentational Markup is used by your traditional word processing systems with WYSIWYG formatting (what you see is what you get). You and I can’t see this type of markup. Nor can other editors or users as we don’t get to see it.
  • Procedural Markup – The second type of HTML language is procedural coding. This coding is combined with text and provides instructions on text processing to different programs. In this case, the author visibly manipulates the text.
  • Descriptive Markup – The third type of markup labels sections of documents regarding how the program should handle them. For example, the HTMLdefines a cell in an HTML table.


Other examples are this. You can use simple coding if you want to have your web content recognized as a paragraph, a list (ordered or unordered), a heading, a link, or other formats.

What Is the Purpose of Markdown Language

For one, the primary purpose of markdown is readability and ease of use. Not to mention, you can use specific characters or punctuation marks to format material to make it bold or italic.

As a quick summary, you can also use simple markdown coding for things like forum posts, blog posts, website content, and applications. It’s also used quite a bit with static site generators.


Summing up, if you are a beginner or advanced developer, and you know HTML, don’t give it up. But if you want a more straightforward way to format your content, why not give markdown language a try. It’s easy to learn, especially with the tips we’ve given you here.

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