Meeting Mogul – Your Next Conference Call

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Meeting Mogul – Your Next Conference Call

If you have conference calls you attend frequently a must have app is Meeting Mogul! Meeting Mogul takes the worry out of trying to locate the phone number and access code to dial into the meeting. Not only that it dials the number for you, no longer will you have to manually put in the phone number and access code to connect, or better yet hunt down the meeting information on your calendar.

Long gone are the days of climbing into a cab last-minute, and fumbling to find your bridge number. With this nifty little app your days of hunting down pins, reference numbers and passcodes are over. Let’s take a look at the internal features that take the guesswork out of attending these monotonous conference calls.

It works with your calendar app 

Whether you use Google Calendars or whatever internal calendar app your device came with Meeting Mogul can, and will work with it. The key to one working well is maintaining the other—if you don’t update your calendar, then this isn’t going to be as flawless as you’d like. When you input your meetings, conference calls, times, contacts and details into your calendar, Meeting Mogul will actually bridge itself and your calendar app together, fusing all of the information. It’s the whole point of the app, really: to take the stress out of connecting to conference call meetings.

It’s had some bugs 

Before we get too far into this, I want to bring up the top reviews you’ll see on the Google Play Store when you hunt down Meeting Mogul. Since the app’s inception—as with any new app, especially first in its field—there are inevitable hiccups around every proverbial corner. Meeting Mogul was no exception to that. It’s the same reason why many of us don’t care for “early access” to games and programs,  you’re just a test hamster so they can figure out the bugs. Simple as that.

Common issues included were the access bridge calling the wrong country. Nothing’s more confusing than reaching your company’s conference call in Spanish, am I right? That’s all been taken care of. You can view those in the changelog on the Google Play Store.

It tends to get calendars mixed up if you have more than one, in say, Google Calendars. This issue has also been resolved since the product’s launch.

Messaging functionality is perfect 

You can use the Meeting Mogul app directly from your conference call to convene with others through email and text messaging. While it’s recommended to listen to the details of said call and to comment solely on agenda-related tasks, you can use this at your leisure. Highlighted are some great reasons to use this feature

  • Running late—message your boss
  • In a too-noisy environment—message your boss

It’s a great function. Alongside it, you can make great use of the agenda feature. This is a nifty little function that allows you to disclose points and highlights with your employees/employer before the meeting begins, to help everyone get on the same page.

You can always edit the agenda/notes during the conference call as well. Instead of having three legal pads, your phone’s internal memo pad feature, a napkin and some scribblings on your forearm, you never have to leave the app. This brings us to the final core feature I’d like to discuss—email drafting.

Those notes we touched on 7.2 seconds ago? How about transmitting them all into an email and shipping it off to your entire team? If they didn’t get the message during the meeting, they’ll certainly get it afterwards.

Pro Tip: If you use Gmail’s Boomerang feature, which we’ve covered in a previous post, you can utilize the two apps together.

Less-Than-Excitable Parts 

Not all of us need to access support features in apps or software, especially when using something that’s out of the beta phase, or if you’re tech-savvy and constantly update and upgrade your equipment. However, from within the app, you can access support for Meeting Mogul and send them an email. They’ve really done a fantastic job of keeping everything within the app; no more switching between five different clients.

From within Meeting Mogul, you can access availability for Wi-Fi calling and VOIP calls, utilizing your minutes if that is an issue for your cell phone provider plan.

Save conference bridges within the app. This allows you faster access the next time you use it, provided you have a recurring corporate account with whichever service you use. It won’t do you much good if the access bridge expires immediately following the meeting.

Enterprise Mode 

Last, but not least, we have the revenue model. While Meeting Mogul doesn’t limit your conference calls within a calendar month, as some similar apps have been known to do, their Enterprise Mode is definitely something to check out. You can get a proper list of specific features from their website below. In my honest opinion, their Enterprise model is not worth it based on what they offer in the free version if you only attend conference calls occasionally, however, if you’re a conference call frequenter, you’ll get more out of Enterprise Mode than most.


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