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How many software companies are you a member of? According to VentureBeat, 53% of software companies will move to a subscription model by 2023. Memberful membership software is already ahead of the game ¬because the company has been assisting businesses like publishers, educators, and creators sell memberships since 2013.
What Is Membership Software

“Wikipedia explains it this way: “Membership software (also known as an association management system) is computer software which provides associations, clubs and other membership organizations with the functionality they require to provide their services to their members.

It normally includes at least the following:

> Storing and editing member information in a database.
> Creating, renewing, upgrading, and downgrading memberships.
> Communicating with members by email, social media, telephone, or post.

Membership organizations have diverse needs and structures, and this is reflected in the additional features membership software sometimes includes:

Like many other modern software, membership software was initially delivered as desktop software, evolved into website-based software delivered from a web server, and is now increasingly delivered as a software as a service” (SaaS).

Memberful Membership Software Features

How would you like to make more money? You can do so with Memberful. This membership software lets you get up and running quickly so you can begin to earn. You can set up a wide array of subscription plans in any categories you wish.

Take a look below to demonstrate some of the other options you have with the Memberful membership software. You couldn’t ask for more.

> Optimized checkout – speedy, easy, and secure
> Dashboard Analytics – independent dashboard featuring charts, activity feeds, and powerful metrics
> Easy member management – decrease time spent providing customer support
> Choose what members pay and one-time payments
> Upgrades and downgrades – flexibility for members to choose their own plans
> Transactional email – email templates include default text as well as customization
> Staff accounts – private communities for your staff

Memberful Pricing

I checked out their pricing plans, and I have to tell you they are robust, affordable, and generous. While in their test payment mode during the free plans, there is no credit card required. The three tiers are Starter, Pro, and Premium. Each tier builds on a lesser tier. For example, the Pro plan takes what’s in the Starter plan and then adds additional options. All tiers include unlimited members, SSL security, and high-availability backups. Finally, to sign up for a paid pricing plan, you must have a Stripe account. Per Memberful, Stripe is a certified Level 1 PCI credit card payment processor. They process your payments and transfer the funds to your bank account.

Memberful Integrations

Wow! Did you know Memberful integrates with a vast collection of apps? Memberful Integrations puts you in touch with apps and takes care of all the management with 24/7 automatic syncing, updates to the latest third-party APIs, and support for new integration partner features.

Do you have any questions you would like to ask us? Give us a call at 904-430-0350. We’re waiting for you.


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