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When it comes to messaging apps, it is important to know that the messaging app you are using is safe and secure. We thought it might be beneficial for you to see a comparison between Signal and Telegram. First, however, what is a messaging application?

Quick Definition of Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are also known as social messaging or chat applications that enable instant messaging. You can see many of these apps develop into broad platforms that enabling status updates, chatbots, payments, and conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat).

Social Messaging Comparisons

“When comparing Signal vs Telegram, the Slant community recommends Signal for most people. In the question, “What is the best team chat software?” Signal is ranked 2nd while Telegram is ranked 6th. The most important reason people chose Signal is: “Signal uses an advanced end to end encryption protocol that provides privacy for every message every time.”

We have more comparisons that we can look at as to why Signal is considered superior to Telegram. In addition to end-to-end encryption and privacy, some of the benefits of Signal are as follows:

First, Signal ranks higher as the best messaging app for Android. Conversely to Android, Signal again ranks higher when it came to iOS.

Another plus for Signal is it supports sharing of multiple different media types such as emoji, pictures, videos, audio, contacts, any location, and GIF.

Not to be outdone, Telegram also has end-to-end encryption that provides privacy to communications. Users can also benefit from self-destructing timers for chats, and the ability to permanently delete messages, not only yours but also theirs, from your device.

But what else are either pros or cons that you can look at to help you make a more informed decision?

While the video above does a good job of explaining messaging apps Signal and Telegram, what are some other comparisons that can be made about the two?

Signal Messaging App

According to CNET in their detailed analysis between Signal, WhatsApp, and Telegram, they start out with Signal. I pointed out that Signal does collect your phone number. They don’t collect data; it is free with no ads and it is funded by nonprofit Signal Foundation. Signal is also open-source, and they have strong encryption.

Signal is a typical one-tap install app. The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store both carry Signal. This messaging app works just like the usual text-messaging app. It is also compatible with the browsers Linux, Windows, Mac, and iPad besides, of course, Android and iPhone.

Telegram Social Messaging

Whereas Signal links to your phone number, Telegram links data like your name, phone number, contacts, and user ID. Telegram also has a free plan, ad platform, and premium features, and the creator handles the funding. Unlike Signal, Telegram is only partially open-source.

Telegram falls midway in the middle of the privacy scale. What makes this messaging app stand apart is it focuses its efforts to create a social network-style environment.

Apart from Signal, Telegram also collects your IP address, something else Signal doesn’t do.

Messaging Apps in Review

So, what can Megabite say in conclusion of our review of privacy and messaging in regard to Signal versus Telegram? From our research, we have been led to believe that Signal is the clear winner, but it is not up to us to decide for you. You must make your own choice. Of course, we will be right here to offer any advice you might need. Feel free to contact us right now while you are thinking about it.


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