Microsoft’s OneNote Web Clipper

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Microsoft’s OneNote Web Clipper

Microsoft Office is arguably the most-used software on the planet. Whether it’s Word, Excel, or in this case, OneNote, there’s something for every single user. When you use the OneNote Web Clipper feature, you’re saving time from having to hunt down the same information again, and hopefully becoming better organized than just bookmarking a page in a browser.


One of the key features of OneNote’s Web Clipper is automation. It detects the type of content you want to capture, be it a recipe, list, or images. Whichever page you want to capture content from, simply click the icon within your browser extension, and when the OneNote box pops open select one of two options.

Full Page: This is going to practically capture the entire page, similar to a screenshot. Depending on your selection, OneNote’s Web Clipper is going to take most of the information from your current web page, and save it in OneNote.

Region: This is more precise than the “Full Page” option. When you’re looking to save one specific recipe or just one article without saving all the ads on the side, just select the region you want to save, and clip it. It will be saved like a screenshot to OneNote the same way the “Full Page” option would.

In-Depth Selection

You don’t have to toy around with it for long; you can easily find Web Clipper’s three different sections, for either “Article,” “Recipe,” and “Product,” each giving you different ways to save the content you’re clipping. When you select any of the following options, you will see buttons on the top of your preview window before actually saving the clip. You can highlight certain sections, change font styles (within reason,) and mess around with the web page text size.

Adding Notes

You can customize anything you clip. If you want to put a caption beneath an image you captured, or simply clarify why you captured the information in the first place. These can be great little reminders if you’re clipping information for a later date, and find yourself wondering what you saved certain content for. Adding notes is optional, but invaluable.


You’ll want to categorize your clippings as soon as possible, so you don’t end up with a lot of web clippings in your default OneNote section waiting to be sorted. If you have synced all your notebooks to OneDrive, you can select where you want your clippings dropped, including shared notebooks with friends or family. If you want to share a web page with someone and want to highlight exactly what they should be looking at, that’s an option also.

Bells and Whistles

You can add the OneNote Web Clipper extension to any of your web browsers. The best browser that welcomes OneNote’s extension with open arms, and assists you in utilization, would have to be Google Chrome. In the end, OneNote’s Web Clipper is an invaluable tool you can use to save information, time, and have it readily available on any device at any time.

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