How To Migrate Your Personal Gmail Into A Business Account

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How To Migrate Your Personal Gmail Into A Business Account


Ever received an email from an esteemed colleague? If their username read something along the lines of [email protected], the level of professionalism hits rock bottom. Now put yourself in their shoes with this newfound knowledge—how unprofessional has it appeared when using your personal email address to approach work-related or professional tasks? I wouldn’t want to write that down on a job application. With Gmail’s newest function, you can keep all the information of your current address, such as contacts, files and archived emails, all while creating and attaching a new, professional email address. Here’s how it all works:

Introduction to Account Migration 

You’ll need your existing Gmail account to get started. When you enter the correct area on Google, you’ll see a prompt to input your information; enter your current, unprofessional email address, and any relevant information that it asks for, and begin. When you enter the next screen, you’ll be given the option to alter the email extension. If you own a website, let’s say,, and want your emails to be directed as if they were headed to your website instead of Gmail, you can use your domain that you’ve purchased through Google to make that happen. If you don’t already own a domain, you’ll be shown a list of pricing options and links to register a domain through them.

So instead of [email protected], you can now use [email protected]  – You see what I did there?

Love and Merger 

You’ve made magic; your old Gmail is now hooked up to either your new Gmail account or professional domain-extension account. These accounts have been married to one another—so what if I want to send messages to my guild via my previous email address? Not a problem. With this new account and domain extension, you have full control at your disclosure. When you compose a new outgoing message, simply click the drop-down list under “From” in the new message window. This way, you can choose which email address your message is coming from.

Your groups, contacts, and archives emails are still accessible. It’s not as if they never left—they actually haven’t. Using this integration method, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Think of it as a small addition to your inbox power.

Benefits of a Google Business Account 

It isn’t simply looking professional that matters, it’s the whole package deal. With your new Google Business account, you now have a larger inbox storage capacity and more space on your Google Drive account. You’ll also have access to advanced versions of the standard Gmail spam detection filter, and increased security measures—only available through your Google Business account.

If you’re having any issues with your business account, you have access to 24/7 support via your email settings. If you enter this menu, you’ll see the differences between a standard Gmail account, and your new business account. Just another perk of this free service.

Managing Your Website Through Your Google Business Account 

When you go to your settings options, you’ll find another new button—Build A Website. From here, you can manage your Google Domain without having to leave and head to a new web address. It makes things a ton easier.

From the next page, you can use your Google Domains account to create a website or manage your pre-existing website. If you’re creating a new site, simply choose from a list of partners and providers to get started. Pricing options and other information are available at the Google Domains information page.

You’re now ready to utilize all the features that a Google Business account has to offer.

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