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Modern Way to Do Spreadsheets with Rows

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Spreadsheets like Google Sheets or Excel can sometimes drive you crazy when they don’t behave as you think they should and can be complex. However, now there is a new modern way to do spreadsheets with Rows.

Who is Rows?

Rows.com has been around since 2016, but it keeps improving yearly. Their offices are in Porto and Berlin. According to the Company, “Our vision is to enable 1 billion spreadsheet users to easily build the tools they need to work better.”

You see, Rows loves to work with spreadsheets and computations, but the more than 50 team members are unified in ensuring that spreadsheets are made better. spreadsheets with Rows is empowering the next 1B+ app creators to create:

> Apps that business people want to use.
> Build tools with robust data and easily accessible and have beautiful interfaces.
> They wish to share their creations with everyone in the world.
> Creators and users want to go from 0 to magic speedily, and they don’t want the bother of having to learn code.

Spreadsheets with Rows are unique.

Why do you need an online spreadsheet? Whether you’re a freelance accountant, a small business owner, or simply looking for more efficient ways to manage your finances, chances are you’ve already seen the need for online spreadsheets at one point or another. But why are they so important now?

Accountants and bookkeepers have long used spreadsheets to organize data and keep track of financial records. However, the growing demand for greater access to information and advanced functions has led to the rise of online spreadsheets. These applications have made it easier for anyone to create spreadsheets and share them with others. Business owners who need access to their company’s financial records, freelancers who use accounting software on their computers instead of personal accounts, and even people who don’t own a computer can start using online spreadsheets today.

What is an online spreadsheet?

Online spreadsheets are computer applications that let you create and edit spreadsheets online. They have many advantages over traditional paper-based spreadsheets, including increased productivity, less risk of errors, and increased security. These online spreadsheets are entirely web-based. There is no need for you to download or install any software. You access the spreadsheet via a computer with an internet connection. That means it can be accessed by anyone with a computer.

The modern way to do spreadsheets

Rows has the solution. The Company offers Online spreadsheets that are highly customizable and the modern way to spreadsheets. They can be designed to work with your personal preferences, including the font and color you use, the layout of tables and graphs, and where you store your data. You can even create custom macros to perform specific functions, such as exporting and importing data. Online spreadsheets let you share data with others in a private or public setting. You can share data with colleagues, family members, or clients or post it on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

Rows.com’s Unique Features

Besides being the modern way to do spreadsheets, Rows.com created a powerful app with unique features. Let’s look at them below.
> Access & Collaborate – Access your spreadsheets from anywhere via a computer with an internet connection. You can also access your spreadsheet from any device with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can collaborate with colleagues and clients or invite them to view your data with public access.
> Secure & Accessible – Rows.com is secure, so you can confidently share your spreadsheets. You can set permissions for those who can view the spreadsheets and set up user accounts with access levels, such as “manage finances,” “review financial data,” etc.
> Customizable – Pick the look and functionality of your online spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet can have tables, charts, and additional formatting that works best with your data. Customize your spreadsheet’s color scheme, font, and size to fit your preferences.
> Collaborative Editing – Collaborating on a spreadsheet is a great way to get work done. You can collaborate on the same spreadsheet or view each other’s edits with public access.


Rows’ pricing plan will fit most any budget. You can start on their free plan or choose a plan that solves your pain points. The plans are Free, Plus ($59/month), and Pro ($249/month).

Do you need support? They have FAQs that answer the most common questions posed by users. In addition, they have a comprehensive knowledge base.

Final Words

Move over typical spreadsheets that you use through Google or Microsoft or others; there’s a new way to do spreadsheets. Online spreadsheets allow you to create custom spreadsheets that store data and perform calculations, much like a traditional paper-based spreadsheet. You can create a spreadsheet that helps you stay on top of your finances and manage your budget or create a spreadsheet to track your daily schedule and stay organized. No matter what kind of spreadsheet you need to create, online spreadsheets make it easier than ever before.

I hope you enjoyed our look as we delved into what you can do with the online spreadsheet solution called Rows.

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