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In delving into Cal Newport’s Trello system for email management, I discovered a transformative approach to handling the overwhelming chaos of my inbox. Initially skeptical, the notion of duplicating emails on Trello seemed counterintuitive. However, Newport’s method revealed a strategic move – a means to liberate crucial messages from the entangled web of thousands that flood traditional email inboxes.

Unlike the conventional clutter where emails accumulate in the tens of thousands, Trello, a task manager at its essence, becomes the beacon of order. Newport ingeniously extracts emails requiring attention, rescuing them from the tumultuous sea of electronic correspondence. This process not only streamlines the workflow but also provides a tangible structure to navigate through the essential tasks amid the email deluge. In essence, the Trello system emerges as a lifeline, rescuing productivity from the drowning depths of digital communication overload.

In Trello Mr. Newport creates boards reflecting the different roles we play in ourselves. For that Is business owner, Technician, graphic developer, husband and father. Then there are the columns which to me was the most valuable of it all. The naming convention for me is perfect to work from of course over time modifying to what it is we want amen need to do.

To give credit where credit is due. Here is the link to Cal Newport’s going into much better detail

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