Nonfiction Book Knowledge with Blinkist

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Nonfiction Book Knowledge with Blinkist

What is the biggest complaint you have when you are not able to keep up with reading as you want? I bet it is that you don’t have enough time to get nonfiction book knowledge. Am I right? Well, your solution to that time issue is here, and it’s called Blinkist.

What on Earth Is Blinkist? 

Blinkist was created by four friends in 2012. In order to help people add new important ideas into their busy lives, the four created a novel idea —the book-in-blinks. You get the key insights from a nonfiction book in just 15-minutes. You can do this in text or audio to fit into how your day evolves.

Remember that your nonfiction books are all about facts. Get the facts, not the images that make up your fiction books. Here are some examples of nonfiction writings – reports, textbooks, manuals, self-help (oh, I love self-help), memoir, history, guidebooks, and more.

Nonfiction Knowledge Quickly

 How many of you would have the time (or the inclination) to sit down and read a nonfiction book, some of which average 50,000 – 75,000 words. That usually means that the book is greater than 150 pages.

Don’t worry. Blinkist is an app that will run on your iOS or your Android in 15 minutes or less. Maybe you are doing something that won’t allow you to read the audiobook, blink (that’s what they call a synopsis of key ideas) or shortcasts (podcasts). That’s not a problem. Have it read to you. Now that to me is extremely efficient, especially if I am driving.

Tons of Features

Blinkist has such a wealth of features that it is hard to know where to begin in telling you about them. Let me see what I can do about that.

>  First, Blinkist is a professional nonfiction book summary app that arranges key insights into Blinks that are on one page.

>  Second, there are 27 categories for you to search and Blink. You can delve into everything from career and success to motivation and inspiration to technology and the future, and a whole lot of categories that I haven’t mentioned.

>  Third, and I will bullet point these, there are additional features that make this nonfiction book knowledge a gem.

    • Search by title or topic
    • So when you first go into a book, get a synopsis or a summary of what the book is about and what benefits you can expect.
    • See suggestions on what type of person should read the book. In addition, learn a little bit about the author.
    • Enjoy scrolling and formatting options. You can even use Apple’s native lookup feature and utilize their highlighting option.
    • Downloading offline is another option you can play with. But wait; here are three more.
    • Save your entire library offline
    • Sync your highlights to Evernote, and finally,
    • Send your favorite summaries to your Kindle.


Final Notes on Blinkist Nonfiction Knowledge

I just want to add this. Nonfiction book knowledge will give you an opportunity to learn new things that you might never have had the time for. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to get all your nonfiction books in summary format.

Blinkist does come with a 7-day free trial. I also want to mention that their paid monthly or annual premium plan will give you the best value. If you do not want the free trial or the premium plan, you can register for a basic plan that gives you access to one pre-selected Free Daily read.



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