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Obsidian Note-taking App

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Your brain is so busy jumping here and there reminding you to do this or do that. Frequently, you feel like you need a second brain. Obsidian will fit the bill nicely. Let’s explore what it is, how it will be helpful to you, and what its capabilities are.

What is the Obsidian note-taking app?

You’ve seen some of our articles having to do with various note-taking apps like Google Keep or Evernote Note-taking App. Obsidian note-taking app is different, however.

You can look at Obsidian as a robust knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text or a Markdown editor.

Oh, good. Now you are going to throw a new term at me – Markdown. What is that? According to UltraEdit, “Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax to make writing for the internet easier. The philosophy behind Markdown is that plain text documents should be readable without tags mussing everything up, but there should still be ways to add text modifiers like lists, bold, italics, etc. It is an alternative to WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, which use rich text that later gets converted to proper HTML.”

Justin DeRose & How He Uses the Obsidian note-taking app

First of all, Justin DiRose is the growth & Marketing Manager at Discourse. Besides working at Discourse, he also does YouTubes and podcasts, all while running Effective Remote Work, which is an excellent resource for people who work remotely. Overall, he wants to help people live their lives and work effectively.

Justin uses Obsidian and explains how he uses the Obsidian note-taking app in the above video. First of all, he uses Obsidian to capture ideas and thoughts. For example, suppose he finds something interesting while reading a book, watching a video, or listening to a podcast. In that case, Justin will use Obsidian’s daily notes feature to catalog what he wants to refer to later.

Obsidian note-taking app acts as a repository

The second way that Justin uses Obsidian is to keep project notes that he is working on in one place to refer to them quickly.

Maps of Content

Thirdly, Justin has developed his system, which he calls Maps of Content. Let me explain. He captures a lot of data and then translates the helpful notes into more permanent ones. Doing so allows him to work with the permanent for a more extended time.

2nd Brain

Obsidian likes to call their application your “second brain.” Furthermore, the Company refers to it as an IDE or integrated development environment (IDE). In layman’s terms, IDE is software that builds applications that combine standard developer tools into a single graphical user interface.

Which operating systems can you use Obsidian on?

You can get Obsidian for Windows, Linux (AppImage), Linux (Snap), and Linux (Flatpak), macOS, as well as more choices.

Features Deserving Mention

Obsidian is a powerful storehouse of capabilities. Let’s briefly list them out.

Graph View – Explore, observe, and stay motivated. Different options for viewing groups, filters, and displays let you see things your way.

Backlinks – A backlink for a note links from another note to that note. In the following example, the “Three laws of motion” note contains a link to the “Isaac Newton” note. The related backlink would link from “Isaac Newton” back to “Three laws of motion.”

Outgoing Links –The Outgoing Links plugin shows the links from the current note at a glance, as well as potential links to be made.


You need the Obsidian note-taking app. It makes working with notes that use the markdown language a breeze. Besides the features of graphical views, backlinks, and outgoing links, pricing is divided into three tiers. The very first tier is FREE forever. Then you have the Catalyst and Commercial plans.

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