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Do you use Google Drive a lot but find that your lists look a little overwhelming? I know I do. It’s sort of like, do I really want to enter into the abyss of chaos? Well, I discovered that there is a way to organize Google Drive files & folders to make my life easier – and you can too.

Organize Google Drive

In my view, Google Drive is well-equipped to handle files and folders as they have it set up now. But, in addition, I feel that there is so much more you can do to organize Google Drive. Are you ready for some useful tips?

Colors Help Organize

Do you like the color gray? For me, it doesn’t do much to help me organize – and it’s boring. Don’t you agree? Of course, Google does provide a little assistance in that you can star certain folders and then filter by starred items. The problem is that those stars are still in that default gray.

So now, you can actually change the color of your Google folders. Here is how:

1. On your computer, go to
2. Right-click the folder you want to change.
3. Click change color and choose the color you want.

Emojis Perk Up Your Organization

Are you ready to take it one step further besides using colors? What if you could use Emojis or icons to be a part of your folder title to make your folders stand out? Do you think it can’t be done? Wrong. You can go to Emojipedia and search by category, copy your choice and then insert it in the title, either in the front or end of your title. If you place it at the front, this folder will then appear at the top of your names in Google. Shazam! Now I call that organization.

Emojis allow you to get creative. So, get those creative juices flowing and experiment to your heart’s content. Anything that works for you is going to make it easier to organize Google Drive.

Google Files Too Numerous to Keep Track of

If you depend on Google files as I do, I have many, many files that I needed help with managing. Here are some additional simple ways that folders will help save the day.

• Create Folders to Combine Similar Files.
• Create a shortcut to a folder (or even a file).
• Make a copy of a file.
• Delete files or folders you no longer need.

Final Notes on How to Organize Google Drive

Organization can help you be a success or break you. Working with folders and files in Google Files can definitely make your life easier.

Since starting my research for this blog post, I came across a few additional tips that may help you. Take a look.

• Use an advanced search using unorganized owner: me. Once you find the file, you can add it into an existing folder so it’s searchable.
• Add searchable keywords to your file descriptions to save time and a headache when trying to recall relevant files. Descriptions hold a lot of potential for sharing information and file management.

That’s not all. To sum up our tips on how to organize Google Drive, we are grateful to Digitile for a few extra suggestions.

• With Google Drive’s Advanced Search, you can search by file type, date modified or a date range, file owner, shared with, and even keywords within the document.
• Utilize searching through the Chrome Browser Bar
• While I don’t necessarily agree with them, you can also file twice with a shortcut. To me, it would seem to take up extra file space.

Megabite hopes that this blog post has been enjoyable – and useful. If you have any questions you need clarification on, call us at 904-430-0350.

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