How to Organize Google Drive

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How to Organize Google Drive

If you’re already using google docs, you need to consider organizing all the documents you create in Google Drive. The drive is set up like any other file system with folders, and subfolders.  This way locating a document will be a breeze, no longer will you have to search through tons of documents just to locate the one item you are hunting for.

Fundamental Google Drive Setup and Adding Files

Once you have your Google email opened click on the square box on top of the right-hand side, then click on Drive.  If for some reason, you don’t see drive listed click on more; it will be there.

Now that you have your drive open, you will see all the documents you have created in your drive.


Once you ‘re in the correct area you would like to organize, click on NEW (the blue button in top, left hand corner.) Here is where you can create folders, upload files and folders.  You can also open Google Docs, Sheets, and slides from here.


Next, click on New Folder and give the folder a name, click create.

Your new folder will then appear on the main screen in my drive.


Now all you need to do is drag and drop the appropriate documents into the folders you created. (how to drag and drop: right click on the document you wish to place in a folder, move the mouse holding down the right click button on the mouse.  Move your mouse towards the folder you wish to drop the document in, once it’s over the folder you wish to place the document into, release the right click; the file is now in the folder.)


Repeat this process until you have all your folders and documents organized.  You can also color code your folders if you like.  Just right click on the folder you would like to change color, click on change color, then choose the appropriate shade for your folder.

When you are finished and have all your folders organized you will be able to find any document with ease.


Organization saves productivity time.  The less you have to hunt for something, the more time you have to move on to other projects.  Organization is one of the keys to being successful.


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