We offer computer repair in Fernandina Beach. Our Technicians can identify and repair the cause of system crashes, lockups, errors, and other hardware issues. We will not only repair your PC, we can increase your system performance by getting your computer back into shape.

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  • Computer Repair Diagnostic

    Looking for an honest computer repair estimate? Our technicians will diagnose whatever issue is causing problems with your computer. From software issues to blue screens, system restarts and hardware issues. we have you covered. We test all major hardware components and system software to ensure you receive a complete computer diagnostic. We also look for and offer you estimates for computer hardware or software upgrades.

  • Computer Hardware Repair

    We can repair any hardware issue from any brand computer new or old. We enjoy the challenge of tracking down hard-to-fix computer hardware issues. Cost varies depending on what hardware problem needs to be fixed and the extent of damage. Hardware repair is available both in-store or in-home. Megabite also offers pick-up computer repair services for hardware problems.

  • Computer Tune-Up

    Slow computer? Try our computer tune-up service. Our complete computer check-up and tune-up will optimize your computer, remove unneeded software and improve overall system performance. We check for and update any critical software. We can also check your system’s security and advise how to better secure your computers. This service will make your computer faster and more secure.

  • Operating System Repairs

    Computer crashing or random operating system errors? Over the years many computers become slow and riddled with errors or worse the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”. We can repair various problems with your computer’s operating system that may be causing it to run slow, crash or randomly shut down.

  • Data Backup

    Backup and transfer of data files, photos, music, mp3s and other common files from one working computer or device to the storage device or media type of your choice. We can backup your files to another computer, an external hard drive or CD’s or DVD’s.

  • Data Recovery

    In many cases, it is possible to recover deleted or lost files from your computer’s hard drive. In some cases, we can even recover files from reformatted drives. We do all data recovery work at our location.

  • Operating System Install

    After some issues like hard drive failures, a complete system restoration is required. Not only do we install your operating system, we go the extra mile by updating all driver and operating system updates. At no extra, cost we optimize your software and set it up to fit your needs. We can also install any software you own. We also offer setup of multiple operating systems on one computer. Service includes * Operating System Software Install * Installation of Your Software * Updates And Security Patches * Installation of common programs like Flash and Java * Software Recommendations * Personalized Setup and Configuration * Hardware Upgrade Options.

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