pCloud/ Cloud Storage Made Simple

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pCloud/ Cloud Storage Made Simple

Secure Cloud Storage

Finally, a Cloud-based Storage system that is safe and easy to use. pCloud was founded in Switzerland in 2003. The company offers cloud-based storage solutions which make it easier for their customers to store and access digital information.

The first thing we like to look at when it comes to a cloud-based storage company is data security, the second is the ease of use.  pCloud has both, security and easy to use.

Back in 2014, One of pClouds rivals, DropBox, was hacked and a lot of information was accessed.  pCloud decided then they wanted to be able to ensure their users that their information was safe if they purchased their software.  So, the team at pCloud invited hackers around the globe to participate in a contest. Any hacker who could get into pCloud would be rewarded with a prize of $100,000 dollars.

pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

2860 hackers signed up for the contest, however, no one was successful accessing their server or penetrate any user’s encryptions.  The hackers tried for 6 months with no success. See the results here

Another competitor of pCloud, Google Drive, offers good services. However, these services are only as secure as the Google accounts of their users.

In May of 2017, Google accounts were put at risk due to a phishing scheme. The scheme tricked some users into clicking on links which appeared to lead to Google Docs.

The emails seemed to come from known and trusted contacts!

I can’t promise you roses, however, if you don’t want your private information and/or company information hacked, pCloud is the wisest and safest choice to date.

pCloud Crypto – State of the art cloud encryption protection

All your files are protected from hackers as their test has proven.

Their servers are mainly located in the US, with cache and proxy servers in the EU. Files are divided and stored in 15 different racks with servers. Your files are safe with pClouds client-side encryption (TLS/SSL). Not even pCloud’s admins have access to it – That’s the beauty of Crypto Pass.

You can get peace and mind for a monthly fee or a one-time lifetime fee.  Check out their website and prices here.

pCoud is the online cloud solution you can rest easy knowing your information is safe.

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