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Sometimes you do not need technical repair. Instead, you need help perhaps with working with a piece of software. I’ll bet that if you were to think about it, you have a personal project service that we can help you with.

First, let’s look at the difference between repair and a personal project.


Our technicians can identify and repair the cause of system crashes, lockups, errors, and other hardware issues. We will not only repair your PC, we increase your system performance by getting your computer back into shape. As a matter of fact, our technicians are adept at also repairing software and hardware issues with Mac desktop computers and Mac laptops.

Personal Project

Do you think about working with different kinds of software, but just don’t know where to start? First of all, let me give you some examples of what you might need a personal project service for.

A personal project is something that can take a short time to finish, or it can take longer. It’s something you really want to do or learn more about that will contribute to your being a more organized and accomplished person in a wide variety of topics. For example, some popular personal projects are below:

Password Management – Create unique & strong passwords

  • What password manager should I use?
  • Organize and protect your passwords.
  • Create randomly generated strings.
  • Remember and keep track of them all.

Website & Website Hosting – Need help purchasing a domain & hosting your website.

  • Who are the best hosts?
  • Use WordPress to create a personal website.

Email Marketing – Create an account with Mailchimp.

  • Drive sales.
  • Engage customers.
  • Market your business.

Email Management – Help purchasing and creating a personal email account.

  • Best ways to manage your email

Use Reporting & Billing – Set up your new small business in Quickbooks Online

  • Invoicing
  • Running payroll
  • Managing cash flow
  • Tracking expenses
  • Managing bills

Document Management – Create a way to capture all of your documents.

  • Convert them to a digital format.
  • Learn how to go paperless and reduce clutter.
  • iCloud setup & management

File Management – Need help uploading files to Dropbox or Google Drive

Backup Creation & Management – Using the 3-2-1 Process

  • Safeguard your content.
  • Have onsite and offsite backups.
  • Create a clear and consistent schedule.

Resume Creation & Updating Get help with creating a resume.

  • Highlight skills and qualities.
  • Learn resume structure.
  • Succeed in getting an interview.

Personal Project Service

The above personal projects are just some ideas that you may have thought of yourself or some of our clients may have brought to our attention that they need help with.

We can help. This program offers three-hour segments for projects. This segment allows you to bring in your own personal projects and receive help from a tech advisor. Megabite urges you – buy now before the price goes up.

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