Phone Charging Mistakes to Avoid

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Your cell phone is the lifeblood of your day. You use it for everything, right? But – do you know the phone charging mistakes to avoid. Let’s quickly run through them.

Phone Charging Mistake #1

Ouch, it’s hot! A common phone charging mistake is that you charge your phone when it’s hot outside and you charge your phone either on the seat in the sun or on your dashboard. Now if you live in a state like Arizona in the summer, do you think your phone will work after 114+ degrees? Probably not likely.

Either put your phone in the shade or wait until you can get into a building where it’s cooler.

2nd Mistake for Phone Charging Mistakes

I’ve made this error; have you? You are relaxing on your couch or chair and you decide to charge your phone. But, do you leave the phone on a table or couch, or do you continue to use it while it is charging? We recommend you not do this. The reason for this is that it puts a lot of pressure on the battery. If you get a call or text, unplug and then plug it back in after the call or message. The cell phone does not appreciate that you are asking it to do two things at once – charge and handle your demands.

Another thing to point out is that your cell phone needs a flat service for charging. Do not put it on your couch or bed to let it charge as it will get hot.

3rd – Combination of Errors While Charging

The third set of errors are all related because they are similar in nature.

If you are charging your phone up to 100% charge, then stop it. It’s not necessary. Charging the phone to full actually uses excess electricity, and shortens the life of your battery.

This includes plugging your phone into the charger at night when you go to bed and leave it running all night. According to, “The general rule would be to recharge the battery fully once a month and keep it between 20% and 80% at all other times.”

One other point of interest is that if you have a lithium-ion battery, it just does not like to be fully charged. Gear Patrol points out that if you continuously run your phone at 60% capacity, you can nearly double the life of your battery as opposed to running it at 100%.

4th Smartphone Charging Mistakes – The Opposite Is Also True

Following the negative of full charging is letting your phone run down to 0%. This is not good for it either. Your ideal should be to not let the charge go below 20%.

However, during my research, I did see that one website did recommend that you let it go down to 0% before you charge it. Say what? How do I even connect to the Internet if it gets down to 0%?

Number 5 in Charging Smartphones

Every phone has a compatible charger provided when you purchase it. Don’t settle for a brand of less quality or one that is cheaper as it can just cause potential problems like overheating. Another problem is that you stand the chance of the power of the energy transmitted to the battery be too much or too little. Besides the overheating I already mentioned, you could end up with a really s l o w charge.

The best charger for your phone is the one you received with it when you bought it. cautions that when you reorder because you lost it or it became faulty, make sure it’s the same model!
Finally, Phone Charging Mistakes Can Be Resolved

All it takes if little knowledge and common sense. And it won’t hurt to read your manual that comes with the phone either.

The video below is longer than the one above, but it also has some really good tips on how to prolong the use of your cell phone battery.

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