All About the Phone Companion App For Windows 10

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All About the Phone Companion App For Windows 10


Microsoft has always done an excellent job at connecting all of your devices to synchronize in unison. Your smartphone, PC and tablet share the same information, so you don’t have to repeatedly download files, search for those files, and scratch your head when you can’t locate the destination folder. All in all, they’ve flawlessly collaborated your devices together to work for you.


When you think of your smartphone connecting with your Windows device, you’re probably assuming that it has to be a Windows brand phone. With the phone companion app for Windows 10, this isn’t the case. Whether you have an Android phone, iPhone or a Windows phone, you can connect to your Windows 10 PC through this handy little app; best of all, it comes integrated into your PC already, so there’s no need to purchase or hunt down an obscure title on the app marketplace.

How It Works

Before starting make sure you’re logged into your machine using a verified Microsoft Live account, and that you have your Android or iOS device on hand.

The phone companion app, when you launch it from your start menu will inform you of all the different ways you can connect to your mobile device with a few columns describing each process. You can click on the blue button to get more information about specific instructions, and an overview of the benefits of connecting these together.

Everything is becoming cloud-based, and when you use a service like OneDrive, that’s exactly what happens. Even if you’re on an iPhone—a non-Windows product—you can have your photos immediately upload to OneDrive the second you snap that beautiful picture. They’re all right there on your PC instantly.  No more worrying about lost photos if you lose your phone.

The mission statement of the phone companion app for Windows 10 focuses around being user-friendly, across multiple devices. Microsoft is doing an excellent job of welcoming users of Apple and Google products to allow not just the phone companion app into their lives, but as well as Cortana, their featured virtual assistant.

How Cortana Fits Into Your Phone


As part of the integration, Windows is attempting across multiple platforms, they’re also aiming not to make Cortana solely available to Windows users. That means if for some reason you don’t like Siri, you can try Cortana and see if it works better for you; simply download Cortana from the app store and welcome a higher-level of virtual assistant into your life. Cortana works a lot differently than simple voice-activated commands, because she adapts to your behavior, patterns, and requests, and suggests content based on what you like, and avidly avoids what you don’t. We all know that Cortana has been a part of Windows 10 since its launch, but through their desire crossover, they’re really trying to make it a part of everyone’s life, no matter what device platform or brand you’re used to using.


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