Privacy Cards to Safeguard Your Security

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It’s official now. The hackers are not going to give up on their attacks on your security. Considering all the information shared with you on data breaches, it is very likely your personal information is at risk. Besides taking actions such as freezing your credit reports to prevent criminals from using this data, there are a growing number of tools you can use to outwit thieves in the future. Now you can add privacy cards to safeguard your security.

History of Privacy Cards is located in New York and is privately held.’s goal was to continuously rethink how payments in an online world work if they focus on privacy, safety, and usability. Starting out, they had plenty of ideas on how credit cards should work online.

But first, their small engineering team needed to be able to issue cards. The Company ultimately decided to bring all issuing processing in-house starting in 2018. Since that time, privacy cards allow clients to enjoy peace of mind with Privacy, the online card that protects your money and gives you full control when shopping online with anonymous payments.

Security of Payment Cards considers your security to be of prime importance. Let’s look at the steps they take to ensure that your security is maintained.

• Privacy is PCI-DSS compliant. That means they follow the same thorough security standards as your bank.
• Passwords are hashed using PBKDF2 with 100k iterations. This makes rainbow table attacks more difficult.
• Sensitive information is encrypted using split-key encryption with partial keys held by separate employees.
• Customer data is stored on single-tenant hardware in private networks in at least three separate geographic locations and is inaccessible from the outside world.
• All web traffic is sent over Transport Layer Security (TLS) HSTS for privacy and security.
• Inter-data center communication is protected via Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) with AES-256.
• Servers are firewalled. In addition, they are consistently updated with the latest security patches.

Tell Me More About Virtual Cards

Privacy empowers you to protect your physical card information. Each merchant you share your card information jeopardizes your security and opens you up to increased risk from hackers or data breaches. A privacy card increases your safety.

By setting up a virtual payment card for each merchant you shop with, your physical card is safe and secure. Privacy cards can be paused or closed at any time which prevents any future transactions from being authorized. Privacy Cards can also be single-use. What this means is that they close after just one authorized transaction.

Are you concerned that a merchant might bill you when you least expect it? Don’t worry. Privacy Cards have customized spending limits to keep your money in your bank account, where it belongs.

How Much Do Virtual Payment Cards Cost

At Privacy, you’re fee-free. Actually, you pay absolutely nothing, unless you decide to add in additional features. With that being said, your data is never sold. This is a result of Privacy’s belief that everyone has a right to control how their personal and financial information exists online free of charge.

Every time you transact with any merchant using a Privacy Card, the merchant or website pays a small fee called interchange – not you. This interchange fee is then shared with

If you feel that you need additional features, Privacy has you covered. They have three payment tiers, depending on what you need. The Personal Account, which is their core product is always free. Comparatively, they also have the Privacy Pro and Privacy Teams.

The Developers Are Included

Not to be left out are developers. They can create and configure virtual cards with Privacy’s API. As examples, they can lock cards to merchants, set spending limits, and get real-time payment data. Create and configure virtual cards with our API. Lock cards to merchants set spending limits and get real-time payment data. The Privacy developer’s API is meant to provide a predictable programmatic interface for accessing a Privacy account through a REST API and transaction webhooks.

Final Words

We are very happy that more and more tools like 2 Factor Authentication are becoming more commonplace to protect your security. Virtual cards are just another set of tools you can use to keep you safe. If you have any questions about any of what we provide you information wise, please feel free to contact us.

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