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PrivateMail – Anonymous Encrypted Email

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Do you know that the easiest way for a cyberattack is through email? Anonymous encrypted email through PrivateMail is one way for you to stop it. You need internet access and a web browser to utilize PrivateMail’s powerful email, calendar, contacts, and file sync features. The information below goes into some alarming statistics such as:

1. Powerful Statistics
2. What is anonymous encrypted email?
3. Let me tell you more about PrivateMail.
4. Is PrivateEmail free?

Powerful Statistics

To begin with, statistics can really open your eyes as to hazards that can occur.

> According to EarthWeb, Around 94% of cyber attacks are carried out through emails.
> 3.4 Billion phishing emails are sent out each day across the world.
> Phishing causes approximately 90% of data breaches.

These statistics should be enough to scare anyone into being more careful with their email.

Did you know that EarthWeb also said that more than 58% open their spam daily? Some people open it multiple times during the day. So, you don’t want to fall into that trap, do you? You need anonymous encrypted email, and specifically, you need PrivateMail.

What is anonymous encrypted email?

When you get or send an email, the standard format is a plain text format for sending and receiving emails. Therefore, anyone can easily read their content. Private email account providers scramble the text messages as soon as they are received. That way, only you can read them. The messages are decrypted only when you log into your email client to check messages.

Let me tell you more about PrivateMail.

Let me tell you more about PrivateMail. Private-Mail can run on any operating system with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux apps.

1. Easy to use and full of features

Speaking of features, look at the following list.

> Calendar support
> Tasks
> Notes
> Bulk import
> Search features
> Key storage
> Encrypted cloud storage
> Encrypted file sharing
> and many more features

2. Designed for privacy

PrivateMail says privacy advocates designed it for privacy advocates.

3. Secure encryption

Obviously, with anonymous encrypted email, you would expect strong security. PrivateMail uses that and some by using secure end-to-end OpenPGP encryption for your emails. You can ensure that your emails are never read or intercepted by third parties by securing your emails. OpenPGP email and AES256 File Encryption are easily accessible.

4. Hacker-proof

In addition, this anonymous encrypted email provides you with security and protection against web attacks such as data breaches, Man in the Middle Attacks, and other dangerous cybersecurity attacks.

Your data and contents can never be altered maliciously due to powerful end-to-end encryption. The team at the Company is constantly auditing systems to make sure their customers receive the highest security possible.

5. Is PrivateMail free?

Moreover, pricing is very reasonable, starting with their Standard Plan at $8.95 per month. Or, you can decide to get PrivateMail Pro at $15.95 per month. What is surprising is the Company lets you choose your billing cycles. You can choose among the following cycles.

> Monthly
> Quarterly
> Semi-Annually
> Annually
> Biennially


Take control of your privacy today and secure your email and files across all devices with PrivateMail.

In our post, we shared the following:

1. Powerful Statistics
2. We explain anonymous encrypted email.
3. Let me tell you more about PrivateMail.
4. Is PrivateEmail free?

With features like secure keyring management, email and cloud storage, private media streaming, and syncing across devices, you are much safer with your email, calendar, and contacts.

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