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Recap of 5 Top Document Signing Apps

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Do you remember the days of signing essential documents by hand on paper? Sometimes, I thought they added extra places where you needed to sign just so the time involved would be longer. Now five top document signing apps will improve security, be easier to use, and allow you to stop killing trees to manufacture paper.

What Is a Digital Signature?

According to Smallpdf, “a digital signature is an advanced type of electronic signature that comes with enhanced security features that make it difficult to forge or manipulate. When you create a digital signature on a document, a unique number or digital fingerprint is generated through a cryptographic process. An official authority issues this to guarantee the authenticity of the signee and their signature.”

In other words, this app is advanced and more developed, and more secure than a paper signature.

Who Are the Five top document signing apps?


To begin with, according to MUO is DocuSign. What makes this application so popular is that it can be used with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Are you connected to the Internet? No? That’s okay. You can send and sign agreements from anywhere on any device, even if you don’t have internet access.

Feel free to customize your signatures on your device. You can upload documents via live scan, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. To explain, you can feel safe because your document signing app keeps your signature encrypted.

Starting with a free plan, the products and pricing are reasonable.


Second, on our list is PandaDoc, MUO says. Additionally, you can download signed documents. Share them through various methods, including email, instant messaging apps, and more.

PandaDoc’s free plan includes unlimited e-signatures, documents uploads, payments, and mobile app support. A $29/mo plan offers access to templates, a rich media drag and drop editor, pricing tables, and documents analytics.


Let’s jump right into looking at the third of the five document signing apps. SignWell (formerly DocSketch) is a web-only electronic signature-maker service. While you can use it on any modern web browser-supported device, it doesn’t have a dedicated app for any platform.

Using the app is comparatively easy. After you log in with your Google account, you can upload the documents you need to have signed. Additionally, you can add multiple documents and choose the number of signatories and their details.

SignWell is similar to the other two apps we have written about above. For instance, you can add a signature via the type, draw and image modes. For instance,  customization options include adding text fields, initials, checkboxes, and a date.

Wait! We have 2 more document signing apps

You can send the final document to your contact’s email with a custom message and additional attachments. You can also download the signed document as a PDF, copy it to the clipboard, or save it as a template.

The free plan is good if you are going to use it infrequently. SignWell’s pricing for Personal and Business is reasonable, removes limitations on documents and templates while offering advanced features.

We’ll now look at our last two candidates for the top five document signing apps.


Next on our list is signNow. Whether you want to sign documents, negotiate a contract, accept payments, or create an automated workflow, signNow is super flexible. It allows you to create document groups, templates, archives, and create teams to share the document.

signNow’s built-in editor offers a Tools tab for the author and the Fields tab for the second party. So, the Tools tab has several features such as creating, editing, and adding new signatures using the draw and type mode.

You and a second person can add initials, text, checkmark, date, and stamp. The second party can also use similar tools plus more. Equally important is you can save, email a copy, share, export to cloud services, and print the documents.

signNow is available in free and premium subscription-based plans. The free plan is sufficient if you only sign documents and don’t need additional features.

The Business plan offers unlimited templates, and you can send documents for signing.


Finally, we have come to an end with SignEasy.

SignEasy really IS easy and powerful. Moreover, the app allows you to sign and manage PDFs and forms on the go on Android and iOS platforms. Thanks to the integration of the central cloud and productivity apps, the app is very flexible.  You can also easily import, sign, and save documents in one place.

Signing the documents is just like its name says – SignEasy. You can choose from multiple options. Above all, you have a choice as to who you want to sign the documents. This might include yourself, a third party, or you can do it in person. The built-in editor offers the usual e-signature features as all of our previous apps. Sharing finalized documents is also easy. What’s more, you can secure your document with a passcode or fingerprint.

In MUO’s opinion, the drawback is this app is more geared to meet premium users. SignEasy pricing does have a free 14-day plan; however, you are very limited with what you can do.


It’s been an intense analysis of MUO’s five top document signing apps. We recommend that you look at each of the apps, research them, and make up your own mind.

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