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Routing Equipment You Need to Connect to the Internet

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Okay, you have your brand-new computer. You are just beside yourself with excitement. You set it all up and sit down to connect to the Internet. Not so fast, newbie. You need special routing equipment to connect to the Internet.

First Piece of Routing Equipment You Need

Congratulations on choosing a new computer. The very first routing equipment you need to have is a modem. Huh, what’s that? Our computer networking post recently gives you a good head start with computer-ease terminology. It covers modem, router, ISP, types of connections to the Internet, and more.

So, what is a modem? If you have ever tried to research routing equipment needs on the Internet, the complexity of it all can make your head swim. You can get a general introduction to router lingo 101 from CNET. To begin with, you learn that a modem is short for modulator-demodulator. But you don’t need to know that. What you do need to understand is that your modem translates your commands for your home network.

Your Router Works with Your Modem

You need to understand routing equipment. The knowledge you gain through CNET and this post will help you see how and why your modem, router, and your network work together to provide you with quality and security.

A router is associated with a wireless or Wi-Fi network. Your router is the piece of routing equipment that creates a Wi-Fi signal and allows a connection to your modem, all without having to connect with wires and cables. By performing regular router maintenance, all your wired and wireless devices can use the internet connection simultaneously and be able to do so without even having to connect to the Internet.

There Are So Many Technical Terms

You are lucky because CNET did an excellent job breaking out all the terms and explaining what each one is. I do want to touch on a few more that you need to know.

IP Address

You really can’t have a thorough understanding of router equipment without knowing what an Internet Protocol (IP) address is. Just like your street number identifies your house location, your IP address is the location of a device or server on the Internet. The word protocol specifies the standard that internet addresses communicate through.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Who are you going to call to get set up to access the Internet? Your Internet Service Provider is your provider for accessing, using or participating on the Internet. The ISP is who opens up the Internet to both consumers and businesses.


If you are connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi, you are using WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). LAN is short for Local Area Network. All your devices in the home, school, or work connect to the same network through a wired connection.


MU-MIMO almost sounds like a foreign language, doesn’t it? According to CNET, it stands for “multi user, multi input, multi output.” If your router has MU-MIMO capabilities (most Wi-Fi 5 routers and all Wi-Fi 6 models), it separates the Wi-Fi signal into multiple streams.


You may want to consider getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Yes, it may cost you more monthly, but it provides more security. Your connection is private publicly. Your data is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden.

We won’t go into more technical terms in this post that pertain to your routing equipment. Check out CNET to get a more detailed explanation of all the terms. In addition, there are answers to common questions.

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