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Shared Secret Tricks for iPhone Users

May 5, 2022 9:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever been told a secret, and you had to promise not to tell anyone? Last year, an ex-employee shared secret tricks you can use for the iPhone. Since they aren’t secret anymore, let’s see what they are.

1. Move multiple apps at once on the Home Screen.

It’s Spring, right? And you are probably doing all sorts of spring cleaning and need to perform that monumental task on your iPhone.

2. Select multiple messages or emails at once.

Do you have many messages or emails, and would you like to delete them in bulk, not individually? Here is a neat trick you can try.

According to New York Post, you can quickly select multiple messages. Here’s how you do it. Open up your inbox and place two fingers on the display. Drag down to select messages and release to stop. Even better is that you can choose to delete them, mark them as read, file them away in a folder, and more.

3. Play music while recording video.

There are many times that I have wanted to play music on my iPhone but then needed to record and did not want to turn the music off.

4. iMessage tricks

Do you want to play a trick on your friend using iMessage tricks? Then send them a secret code. An example is if you type in “pew pew,” this will trigger a laser effect, while “happy birthday” will make balloons float up from the bottom of your friend’s screen. You can always use this on New Year’s Eve.

5. Scan real-world text in seconds

Do you know that your iPhone has a valuable tool that you can use to load content from a menu or newspaper to your device immediately? This feature is called “Live Text.” Live Text allows you to point your iPhone camera at a real-world object and quickly copy and paste text on it onto your handset.

When you tap it, the text jumps out on your display, and you have the option to copy, select, look up, translate or share it. Or, you can copy and paste it into an email or Note, for instance, or share it with a friend over WhatsApp or Meta Messenger.

Quick Summary

Undeniably, you probably consider your iPhone to be a godsend. You probably use it for everything you are familiar with. Now you can add newly shared secret tricks for iPhone users.

This is just a taste of tips you can use for your iPhone. As long as we’re talking about tips, you may want to read our 9 Cloud Storage Tips for Privacy & Security.

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