Simple Ad-Blocker for Samsung

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Simple Ad-Blocker for Samsung

Are you tired of ads on your android phone?  Would you like a program that kills bloatware and manages APPS permissions?  Well, you’re in luck. Exclusively for Android Phones, there is an awesome App that can take care of those unwanted Ads, kill bloatware and manage your App Permissions.

Simple Ad-blocker for Samsung (SABS), was created by developer NeedleGames from the XDA forums, it promises to stop all ads and then some. The app works by tapping into Samsung’s ultra-secure KNOX software. That gives it the ability to disable bloatware added on by your carrier. SABS also has a permission manager, letting you have control over what apps can see and do on your phone.

And the best part is you don’t need to root your phone to run this ad-blocker. However, be fair warned the setup process does get a little complicated and requires some technical know-how, but if you follow the instructions it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Before you install Simple Ad-blocker, you’ll need to get a license key from Samsung. Here are the instructions and download for Simple Ad-blocker. But before you download the SABS source code you will need to disable and uninstall any other ad blockers you might be running on your phone.

Just be sure to follow the directions step-by-step.  Once installed your phone will be Ad free and Bloatware free!


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