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If you are a corporate or small business owner SimpleForms can help you streamline all forms for contractors, vendors, and employees all in one place with a click of a button.

SimpleForms provides your employees and contractors an easy way to fill out their required paperwork securely and digitally by simply answering a few questions. SimpleForms then auto-fills the required forms and sends you a notification when completed. You can even send reminders to individuals to complete their forms with a simple push of a button.

SimpleForms doesn’t just store individual’s information, it also allows you to create custom forms.  Instead of printing out handbooks, NDA’s or mission statements just simply create them with SimpleForms, then provide a link to the appropriate individuals needing the documents or forms.

Why waste time getting new hire packets prepared, when you can simply send an email to your new hire with a link to the forms your company requires.

SimpleForms is your one stop answer for keeping up with vendors, employees and contractors.  Never again will you need a filing cabinet full of documents taking up space in your office. Everything is securely kept on a secure cloud platform.

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