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Slack is a cloud-based service that you can access through your browser using a desktop or mobile app for your phone or tablet.

If you ever use text messaging, it’s that but so much more.
Slack has taken off based on the idea of replacing internal email within a company or other group-based communication along with all the back-and-forth communication between staff members. As many of you know, email has recently become a productivity killer.

Slack solves the email dilemma by using a familiar interface. Anyone who used any instant messaging programs of the past or current will appreciate how work can be done easier, be more pleasant and be more productive. Tools like Facebook is a great example. You can add documents, images or conduct video conferencing.

Channel Based

If your customer is using Slack, you can create a channel for them to communicate freely with you. Brainstorm and share your ideas, make valuable decisions, and focus on your work with purpose and place.

Channels in Slack | Discover a new way of working (new) Video

Use channels to create order and clarity to your work — for all your projects, topics, or teams. By allowing channels for all this, you can stay focused on the communications and collaboration you need to do to get your work done.

Slack has three different channels you can set up for your business, depending on what you need. They are listed below:

• Public Channels – Anyone in your company can join or find in search.
• Private Channels – This is for your sensitive or confidential conversations. To be able to view them, you need to be invited.
• Slack Connect – Do you have more than one organization that you work with that you would want to have them be able to collaborate with each other? Slack Connect is just what you need.

Organizational Chart Priorities and Strategies

Where are you in your company’s org chart? Stay organized and streamlined with Slack. You can communicate with all departments like IT, Sales, Customer Service and more and work on projects together. One great thing, too, is that you can use Slack for any range of companies—even ones with specialized workflows or strict compliance requirements.


So, what is next in our review of Slack. Are you ready to read about their pricing plans? Slack has a pricing plan for just about any business. Let’s take a quick look.

• Free – For you, if you are a small team and just want to try out Slack. You can do this for an unlimited time.
• Standard – Small- to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) will appreciate the flexibility and convenience that is built for them.
• Plus – For larger businesses or those with additional administration requirements.
• Enterprise Grid – For extra-large businesses or those in industries that are more heavily regulated.

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